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National Novel Writing Month

Have you thought you could write the next great novel?  Well, here is a challenge.  November is National Novel Writing Month.   This is the deal:  on November 1 you start writing with the goal of 50,000 words (about 175 pages) by the end of the day November 30.  It is all about quantity!  Just write and write and write to meet the word count.  The sponsors of NaNoWriMo encourage this non-quality aspect of writing to allow people to set down on paper (or screen) their ideas without the need to tweak and polish every word, every sentence.

Intrigued?  Check out the homepage.  You can register and then keep track of your word count.  You can get pep talks from other writers and find forums with helpful advice.  And you can find Long Island locations for writers.

What happens at the end of the month?  Last year there were 200,530 participants worldwide and 37,479 completed the challenge.  The participants’ word count totaled 2,87,682,109 words!

Need more encouragement?  Authors  Sara Gruen, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, and Tammy Greewood all started books during NaNo and had those books published!

So grab a handful of sharp pencils and a yellow legal pad or flex your fingers over the keyboard. The race is about to begin…

– posted by Brenda, Reference Services