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Five for Vampires

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter –  Did you know our 16th President was a Vampire Hunter?  Well, he wasn’t really, but if he were his life might have gone the way author Seth Grahame-Smith has imagined it in this book.  Lincoln’s mother dies because of a Vampire when he is only nine years old and he pledges to get revenge.  So, as well as keeping the Union together and freeing the slaves, Abraham Lincoln was a successful Vampire Hunter as well.

True Blood: Music from the original HBO series. “True Blood” doesn’t come back to TV screens until June but if you’ve already re-watched all the episodes and still want more, try listening to the full versions of the songs you only get to hear parts of during the show.

Dracula – Have you ever seen the original 1931 version starring Bela Lugosi?  No?  Although there have been many film versions featuring the character of Dracula, this is still one of the creepiest.  See it, if not for Lugosi’s iconic and definitive portrayal of Dracula, for the superb performance of Dwight Frye as Renfield:  no one has ever delivered a more disturbing “Yes Master”!

The Vampire Archives: The Most Complete Volume of Vampire Tales Ever Published / edited with an introduction by Otto Penzler.  “(This anthology) collects an astoundingly thorough and enjoyable set of 86 vampire tales, poems and true stories.  Classics such as Le Fanu’s Carmilla, Poe’s Ligeia and Stoker’s Dracula’s Guest are nicely interspersed with lesser-known older and newer works. Fredric Brown’s Blood, an old-school sci-fi short-short, is a hoot, and D.H. Lawrence’s The Lovely Lady is a witty satire that in many ways harks back to Polidori’s The Vampyre.” (Publisher’s Weekly)

Vampire Secrets – This History Channel documentary “uncovers the ancient folkloric origins of blood-craving creatures from beyond the grave. Learn how the vampire myth is strongly rooted in Eastern European lore, but how it has also played a prominent role in the ancient cultures of Greece and China.” (Product Summary).

– posted by Sonia, Readers’ Services