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A Mini History Course on our “Hometown” President: Theodore Roosevelt

Long Island University’s Theodore Roosevelt Institute is sponsoring a series of four lectures on the 26th President. Tweed Roosevelt will present tales of his great grandfather.

The first lecture will look at the future President’s time in the Badlands of North Dakota. He initially went to hunt buffalo but fell in love with the area, buying a herd of cattle and hiring local men to run the enterprise when he returned to NY. This was not just an economic decision. It also would give him a chance to live the western lifestyle which he had long romanticized. Did you know he hunted down a pair of thieves  who had stolen his boat and marched them back to the Dickinson, ND?

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Register for the virtual lecture series here https://liu.edu/roosevelt. The dates are May 19, June 16, September 15 and October 20 at noon.

-posted by Brenda, Reference Services

Presidential Homes…Visit from the Comfort of your Own Home!

Sagamore Hill, The home of President Theodore Roosevelt, has announced that the National Historic site will be totally closed. The House and Museum at Old Orchard haves been closed for several weeks but now the grounds and trails are also closed to the public. May I suggest taking a virtual tour of the collection through Google Arts and Culture at? It is really quite amazing to ‘walk’ through the House and get close to the art and treasures of the House (much closer than on an in person tour).

George Washington was born in the Northern Neck of Virginia. The site is preserved by the National Park Service. Enjoy a virtual tour and see the rural area that was the birthplace of our first President. Then head north to take a virtual tour of Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home which was built around 1734 by his father, Augustine. The site offers livestream tours of the estate, educational resources and in depth looks at the man. You can take a similar Google tour of the Adams National Historical Park in Quincy, MA. Take a look inside the birthplaces of John Adams and John Quincy Adams as well as the Stone Library which has 12,000 volumes collected by four generations of the Adams family.


Have fun visiting these homes of some of our Presidents!

Commemorating the Centennial of the Death of Theodore Roosevelt Today

January 6, 1919. Theodore Roosevelt died around 4 a.m. at his beloved home, Sagamore Hill home. He had been a NYS Assemblyman, NYC Police Commissioner, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Colonel of the Rough Riders, NY Governor and U.S. Vice President assuming the office of President when William McKinley was assassinated. And he won the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating peace after the Russo-Japanese War. These were his official roles. He was also a rancher, a hunter, a conservationist, and an author (more than 30 books and somewhere around 150,000 letters).

Hard to believe that he was only 60 when he died. He left a legacy of civic engagement, conservation and an active lifestyle.

The Bismarck (North Dakota) Tribune eulogized him on its front page: “In the passing of Theodore Roosevelt the world loses a man. No matter how widely opinions may differ as to his politics and his methods, there is universal appreciation of those sterling qualities of virile manhood …. The life of Theodore Roosevelt marks an epoch in the development of America. He lived earnestly and sincerely. …His memory will be cherished for his genuine Americanism, his unswerving loyalty and his devotion to the public weal.”

Some Theodore Roosevelt related activities:

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    Visit our first floor book display of his life and work.

  • Join the Syosset library for a book discussion of Mark Lee Gardner’s Rough Riders January 8 at 7:30 p.m.
  • On Thursday January 17 at 2 we will have a lecture on “Roosevelt’s Life and Legacy”.
  • Roosevelt’s Oyster Bay home, Sagamore Hill, is a short drive away.
  • A train ride away is the NYC American Museum of Natural History (of which his father was a founder) where he contributed many species of birds, mammals, and amphibians he had collected during a 1914 trip to the Brazilian jungles.
  • Or start planning a summer vacation to see his profile at Mount Rushmore and his Elkhorn cabin at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Be careful of the bison out there!

-posted by Brenda, Reference Services

Theodore Roosevelt: A Man for All Seasons and Reasons

theodore rooseveltSyosset resident Milton Elis will present a fascinating and

informative program on the private and public life of

Theodore Roosevelt at the Syosset Public Library

on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 2 PM.

Mr. Elis is a long-time volunteer at Sagamore Hill National Historic Site. One of his many jobs at Sagamore Hill has been conducting tours of the Roosevelt home. Mr. Elis has also worked with the curator to reserve artifacts in the collection as Sagamore Hill.

Hope to see you there!

– posted by Barney, Reference Services