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New Findings About King Tut

We are all fascinated about King Tutankhamen, the boy pharaoh who assumed the throne at age nine and ruled until age 19.  There is a mystique about him, probably based on his lavish tomb, discovered in 1922.

Now, a study published in the current issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that the young pharaoh was frail and lame and suffered multiple disorders.  The DNA study determined that the most likely agents of his death were a severe bout of malaria combined with a degenerative bone condition.  There is no evidence of foul play as had been suspected by some historians.

Another result of the study was that it appears that King Tut’s father (Akhenaten the controversial reform pharaoh who rule from about 1351 to 1334 B.C.) and his mother were siblings.

You can read the New York Times article by clicking on the link or read the journal article at our library which subscribes to the Journal of the American Medical Association.

-posted by Ed G., Reference Services

Gourmet Magazine is Closing

GourmetMagazineJanuary1941Gourmet Magazine’s  initial issue was January 1941.  Its final issue will be November 2009.  In its almost 70 years of publication, it has become a staple in many households.  It has accumulated an unprecedented number of cookbooks and typewritten recipes in its library, which editor Ruth Reichl has recommended be donated to the New York Public Library or a university.

But just because the magazine will cease publication does not mean that its recipes will not be accessible.  The Syosset Public Library has several excellent recipe websites in its Recommended Websites-Food and Entertainment section  The Epicurious website includes recipes that have appeared in Gourmet Magazine.

The Syosset Public Library has the following books published by Gourmet in its collection:  The Best of Gourmet, Gourmet Today published in 2009,  Gourmet’s America, The Gourmet Cookbook, and Remembrance of Things Paris

Finally, for those of you who just like cookbooks, Cooked Books:  All Things Culinary at the New York Public Library is a unique blog.  Check it out.  At least we’ll have the Gourmet Thanksgiving issue to get us through the holidays.

– posted by Ed, Reference Services

Oct 1 is World Vegetarian Day

Ever want to try being a vegetarian?  Maybe today’s the day! Whether you want to try it for a meal, a day or even longer, you’ll need some recipe or menu suggestions and  Syosset Public Library has many books on the subject.   Here are just a few:

VegCookbook picVegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison.  “If I could have only one book on the subject of vegetables, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone would be it. Deborah Madison has produced an impressive collection of information, instruction, and recipes.”
–Marion Cunningham, author of The Fannie Farmer Cookbook

howtocookeverything1picHow to Cook Everything Vegetarian : Simple Meatless Recipes for Great Food by Mark Bittman “How do you make an avid meat eater (like me) fall in love with vegetarian cooking? Make Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian part of your culinary library.”
—Bobby Flay, chef/owner of Mesa Grill and Bar Americain

totally veg picTotally Vegetarian: Easy, Fast, Comforting Food for Every Kind of Vegetarian by Toni Fiore “There are recipes for vegans in the book, but there are also a lot of options for folks who are trying to wean themselves from meat, or who just like having a few meatless meals every week.”  Portland Press Herald

Besides vegetarian cookbooks which can be found on the main floor, the library carries the magazine “Vegetarian Times”, also on the main floor.

– posted by Sonia, Readers’ Services

Take a break…

magazines 2 picSummer is winding down and our thoughts will soon  turn to “getting back to business” – but not yet!.  Why not take a break from the heat, come into the library to relax and flip through some magazines.  The Syosset Public Library has well over 300 periodicals waiting to be perused in our main floor periodicals section.   Whatever your interests, you’re sure to find some magazines or newspapers to enlighten and pique your curiosity- decorating tips, financial advice, vacation ideas, recipes- the possibilities are endless!

So come on in, pick a few magazines and a comfy chair, and stay awhile.

– posted by Sonia, Readers’ Services.