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New on Our Shelves – Romance

How to Catch a Queen – Alyssa Cole

After marrying the newly crowned King Sanyu of Njaza, Shanti Mohapi soon discovers that royal life is not what she expected and goes on the run when turmoil erupts in their kingdom and marriage.

When a Rogue Meets His Match – Elizabeth Hoyt

When he offers the Duke of Windemere’s niece, Messalina Greycourt, a devil’s bargain to avoid an arranged marriage, Gideon Hawthorne, who has performed the Duke’s dirty work for years, finally has the chance to win her affections.

The Boy Toy – Nicola Marsh

Returning home to Australia after nearly a decade of estrangement from the Indian mother who arranged her marriage to a faithless man, an L.A. businesswoman coaches an attractive stuntman who remembers her from a steamy one-night stand.

Archangel’s Sun – Nalini Singh

The archangel of Africa, Titus must stop the reborn, rotting creatures that have gained vicious intelligence, from spreading across the world and asks the Hummingbird, an old and powerful woman who is his only hope, to stand by his side.

How to Fail at Flirting – Denise Williams

Challenged by her friends to start enjoying her life when her university department is cut, a Type-A overachiever embarks on a daring to-do list that involves leaving an abusive ex and pursuing a career-risking fling with a charming stranger.

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New in DVD


Action R

A deadly assassin is forced to fight for her own survival when a job goes terribly wrong.

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Comedy PG-13

A visitor from the future tells best friends Bill and Ted that one of their songs can save life as they know it and bring harmony to the universe.


Drama NR

A heartbroken woman becomes entangled with a younger girl after breaking into her ex’s lake house in the Pacific Northwest. Equal parts psychological drama and sexual coming-of-age story, this is a tense rumination on who to love and how to let go.


Drama PG-13

To save her ailing father from serving in the Imperial Army, a fearless young woman disguises herself as a man to battle northern invaders in China.


Horror(Foreign) NR

Jung-seok, a soldier who previously escaped the diseased wasteland, relives the horror when assigned to a covert operation with two simple objectives: retrieve and survive. When his team unexpectedly stumbles upon survivors, their lives will depend on whether the best, or worst, of human nature prevails in the direst of circumstances.

Still Here

Drama NR

A journalist risks his life and career to solve the case of a missing 12-year-old girl in New York City.

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This Just in-New Books on Our Shelves

See anything you like?

Click on the titles to reserve on our online catalog:

Christmas at the Island Hotel by Jenny Colgan

What it’s about: On the tiny, beautiful, and remote island of Mure, halfway between Scotland and Norway, a new hotel opening is a big event. New mother Flora MacKenzie and her brother Fintan are working themselves half to death to get it ready in time for Christmas.

The new hotel’s impressive kitchens throw together two unlikely new friends: Isla Gregor is the hardworking young girl who has been a waitress in the island’s cafe, dreaming of a bigger, better life now that she’s at a proper fancy hotel. Konstantin Pederson is working his way up in the hotel’s kitchens too; but he is also, secretly, the only son of the Duke of Utsire. Konstantin has been sent to learn what it is to work hard for a living, before receiving his inheritance. Although he is initially resentful, the place grows on him; he has never met anyone quite like Isla and her fellow Murians.

As the island’s residents and special VIP guests gather for the hotel’s grand opening gala, Christmas is in the air. But so are more than a few small-town secrets…

Tom Clancy: Shadow of the Dragon by Marc Cameron

What it’s about: A missing Chinese scientist, unexplained noises emanating from under the Arctic ice, and a possible mole in American intelligence are just some of the problems that plague President Jack Ryan in the latest entry in Tom Clancy’s #1 New York Times bestselling series.

Aboard an icebreaker in the Arctic Ocean a sonar operator hears an unusual noise coming from the ocean floor. She can’t isolate it and chalks the event up to an anomaly in a newly installed system.

Meanwhile, operatives with the Chinese Ministry of State Security are dealing with their own mystery–the disappearance of brilliant but eccentric scientist, Liu Wangshu. They’re desperate to keep his crucial knowledge of aerospace and naval technology out of their rivals’ hands.

Finding Liu is too great an opportunity for any intelligence service to pass up, but there’s one more problem. A high-level Chinese mole, codenamed Surveyor, has managed to infiltrate American Intelligence. President Jack Ryan has only one choice: send John Clark and his Campus team deep into China to find an old graduate student of the professor’s who may hold the key to his whereabouts.

Star Crossed Sisters of Tuscany by Lori Nelson Spielman

Since the day Filomena Fontana cast a curse upon her sister more than two hundred years ago, not one second-born Fontana daughter has found lasting love. Some, like second-born Emilia, the happily-single baker at her grandfather’s Brooklyn deli, claim it’s an odd coincidence. Others, like her sexy, desperate-for-love cousin Lucy, insist it’s a true hex.

But both are bewildered when their great-aunt calls with an astounding proposition: If they accompany her to her homeland of Italy, Aunt Poppy vows she’ll meet the love of her life on the steps of the Ravello Cathedral on her eightieth birthday, and break the Fontana Second-Daughter Curse once and for all.

Daylight by David Baldacci

For many long years, Atlee Pine was tormented by uncertainty after her twin sister, Mercy, was abducted at the age of six and never seen again. Now, just as Atlee is pressured to end her investigation into Mercy’s disappearance, she finally gets her most promising breakthrough yet: the identity of her sister’s kidnapper, Ito Vincenzo.

With time running out, Atlee and her assistant Carol Blum race to Vincenzo’s last known location in Trenton, New Jersey — and unknowingly stumble straight into John Puller’s case, blowing his arrest during a drug ring investigation involving a military installation.

Stunningly, Pine and Puller’s joint investigation uncovers a connection between Vincenzo’s family and a breathtaking scheme that strikes at the very heart of global democracy.

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New in DVD


Foreign NR

Following a volcanic eruption along the China-North Korea border that leaves the entire Korean peninsula in shambles, seismologists warn that an even greater eruption is forthcoming, one that could devastate the entire region. Enlisting the help of renowned Korean-American scientist Bong-rae, the government scrambles to find a way to stop the impending explosion. Bong-rae’s plan calls for the use of nuclear warheads, which are currently held in North Korean territory.

The Argument

Comedy NR

After a couple’s argument ends a party, everyone decides to keep repeating the night until they determine who was right.

Let’s Scare Julie

Horror NR

A group of teen girls set out to scare their reclusive new neighbor, but the prank turns to terror when some of them don’t come back.


Comedy NR

The sensational true story of the Women’s Liberation Movement’s disruption of the 1970 Miss World pageant, an event watched by more than 100 million viewers, and which made headlines around the world. Not only that, when order was restored, the first woman of color was crowned Miss World. In a matter of hours, a global audience had witnessed the patriarchy driven from the stage and the Western ideal of beauty turned on its head.

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New mystery titles

Here are some mysteries that have recently hit our shelves, just in time for Halloween!

And Now She’s Gone
by Rachel Howzell Hall

What it’s about: After years doing research at a firm, 39-year-old African American Grayson Sykes has her first solo job as a PI for the group.

The case: A doctor’s girlfriend has been missing for weeks and the cops think she left of her own accord. Now, Gray, who has secrets and troubles of her own, must find the truth. But it’s all more complicated than it first appears…and that’s before Gray’s past catches up with her.

Read it for: the captivating characters; the wry humor; the atmospheric setting; the suspenseful, twisty plot.
The Thursday Murder Club
by Richard Osman

What it’s about: When a contractor at an English luxury retirement village is murdered, four members of its crime club try to crack the case.

Reviewers say: “British TV celebrity [Richard] Osman mixes mirth and murder in his exceptional debut” (Publishers Weekly); “A top-class cozy infused with dry wit and charming characters” (Kirkus Reviews). 

Read this next: If you like witty, unorthodox British police detectives, try Christopher Fowler’s delightful Bryant & May books; for short stories involving a mystery-solving group, grab Agatha Christie’s Tuesday Night Club.
A Deception at Thornecrest
by Ashley Weaver

1934 England: Heavily pregnant Amory Ames is at her Kent Country house when a nice young lady arrives…claiming to be married to Amory’s handsome husband, Milo.

What happens: As Amory is dealing with one newcomer, another visitor appears in the village who upends the town and its Springtide Festival in a case involving secret identities, seduction, and murder.

Series alert: Like the earlier entries, this 7th in the Amory Ames series has a pleasing mystery, witty banter, and a dashing couple. 
Grave Peril
by Jim Butcher

Starring: cynical Chicago wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden, who finds lost items and conducts paranormal investigations.

What happens: With the help of his friend Michael, who’s a sword-carrying knight, Harry tries to figure out why a powerful ghost is wreaking havoc and targeting Harry’s friends, not to mention dealing with the vampires and demons who are afoot as well. 

Series alert: This 3rd in the bestselling Dresden Files cleverly combines fantasy and mystery elements and features likeable characters, action-packed plots, and zippy dialogue. The 17th book in the series, Battle Ground, came out in September.
Ghost in Trouble
by Carolyn Hart

Starring: Bailey Ruth Raeburn, a fashion-conscious emissary from Heaven’s Department of Good Intentions….and its biggest rule-breaker. 

What happens: Kay Clark’s former boyfriend comes home to Adelaide, Oklahoma and dies in what appears to be an accident. Kay thinks it was murder, and now Bailey Ruth’s assigned to keep her safe and sort it all out.

For fans of: Nancy Atherton’s Aunt Dimity series, who may like this 3rd entry in a funny, heartwarming supernatural series set in a small town.
All summaries courtesy of LIbrary Aware

New in DVD


Drama NR

A lonesome boy accompanies his mother on a trip to clean out his late aunt’s house, where he ends up forming an unexpected friendship with the retiree who lives next door.

On a Magical Night

Foreign(French) NR

Meet Maria, a woman dissatisfied with her marriage who, after an intense argument with her husband of twenty years, spends the night in room 212 of the hotel across the street from their home. There, she has a bird’s eye view of her apartment, her husband, and her marriage. In this comic romp, she confronts her past lovers and relationships on one magical night, fantasizing about the lives she could’ve lived and wondering if she’s made the right decisions.

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New in DVD

Bad Education

Drama NR

The beloved superintendent of New York’s Roslyn school district and his staff, friends and relatives become the prime suspects in the unfolding of the single largest public school embezzlement scandal in American history.

Waiting for the Barbarians

Drama NR

The magistrate of an isolated frontier settlement on the border of an unnamed empire looks forward to an easy retirement until the arrival of Colonel Joll, whose task it is to report on the activities of the ‘barbarians’ and the security situation on the border. Joll conducts a series of ruthless interrogations, which leads the Magistrate to question his loyalty to the empire.

Weathering with You

Anime NR

The summer of his high school freshman year, Hodaka runs away from his remote island home to Tokyo, and quickly finds himself pushed to his financial and personal limits. The weather is unusually gloomy and rainy every day, as if to suggest his future. He lives his days in isolation, but finally finds work as a writer for a mysterious occult magazine. Then one day, Hodaka meets Hina on a busy street corner. This bright and strong-willed girl possesses a strange and wonderful ability.

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New in DVD


Foreign Not Rated
n the summer of 1979, two East German families attempt the impossible. In a makeshift hot-air balloon, they risk their lives and fly toward West Germany with hopes of freedom and a better life. Unfortunately, the balloon crash-lands just before they reach the West German border and the Stasi soon discover evidence of the attempted escape. In a nerve-wracking race against the clock, the two families must now rush to build a new escape balloon before the notorious Stasi can catch them.

Corpus Christi

Foreign Not Rated
After spending years in a Warsaw prison for a violent crime, twenty-year-old Daniel is released and sent to a remote village to work as a manual laborer. The job is designed to keep the ex-con busy, but Daniel has a higher calling. While in prison, he found Christ and aspires to join the clergy, but his criminal record means no seminary will accept him. When Daniel arrives in town, one quick lie allows him to be mistaken for the town’s new priest, and he sets about leading his newfound flock.

Judy and Punch

Drama Not Rated
In the anarchic town of Seaside, nowhere near the sea, puppeteers Judy & Punch perform their marionette show, which is a hit due to Judy’s superior puppeteering. But Punch’s driving ambition and penchant for whiskey lead to an inevitable tragedy that Judy must avenge.

Mr. Jones

Drama Not Rated
Set on the eve of world WWII, Hitler is rising to power and Stalin’s Soviet propaganda machine is pushing their ‘utopia’ to the West. Meanwhile an ambitious young journalist, Gareth Jones travels to Moscow to uncover the truth behind the propaganda, but then gets a tip that could expose an international conspiracy, one that could cost him and his informant their lives. Jones goes on a life-or-death journey to uncover the truth that inspired George Orwell’s seminal book Animal Farm.


Comedy Not Rated
A bizarre retro comedy shot entirely on VHS video, takes viewers back to a simpler time when twelve-year-old Ralph mistakenly records home videos and his favorite late-night shows over his parents’ wedding tape. The result is a nostalgic wave of home shopping clips, censored pornography, and nefarious true-crime tales that threaten to unkindly rewind Ralph’s reality.

What We Don’t Say

Drama Not Rated
An intricate and multi-layered film, presenting many of the sub-themes that challenge a group of twenty-something friends finding their way: the complexities of loneliness within a group, the comradery among men, the friendship between women, the interaction amid the genders and the tug of potential gay love all play a role within the story’s arc. It is however, the relationship between Ben and Juliette that takes center- stage, a relationship that draws you in as it does the two of them.
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