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Discover Something New 102!

The National Park Service marks its 102 birthday on August 25. To celebrate it launched a campaign to “discover something new!”

Did you know that here on Long Island we have two NPS units? Fire Island National Seashore (pictured above) with its spectacular beaches and iconic light house as well as the historic Old Mastic House, home of the William Floyd, signer of the Declaration of Independence, is located on the South Shore. On the North Shore in Oyster Bay you can visit the home of the Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th U.S. President, Sagamore Hill.

If you have more time, consider a trip into NYC. You might think of visiting the famous Statue of Liberty, beacon of freedom, or Ellis Island where so many of our ancestors passed through. If you are downtown, take some time to see Federal Hall where George Washington took the oath of office as the first President or the African Burial Ground (pictured above), the nation’s earliest and largest African Burial Ground rediscovered in the United States, containing upwards of 15,000 intact skeletal remains of enslaved and free Africans who lived and worked in colonial New York.

Do you have time for a longer daytrip? Visit the Weir Farm  (pictured above) in Wilton, CT which preserves the life and home of Julian Alden Weir, one of America’s most influential Impressionists. An even longer trip could include the Washington-Rochambeau Trail that goes from Massachusetts to Virginia following the path taken by the Revolutionary War participants as the French joined forces with Washington’s army.

Can’t decide? The National Park Service website has a feature where you can search for a park by State.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “There is nothing so American as our national parks…. The fundamental idea behind the parks…is that the country belongs to the people that it is in process of making for the enrichment of the lives of all of us.”

Go out and enjoy them!

-posted by Brenda, Reference Services

Celebrating the Centennial of Our National Park Service

National-Park-Service-logoQuick: what do you think of when I say National Park? Perhaps it is Yosemite with its granite cliffs, waterfalls and giant sequoia trees. Or maybe Yellowstone where the bison, wolves, elk and other wildlife compete for your attention with the geysers, lakes and hot springs. Truly, these are magnificent places but there are so many other places operated by the National Park Service.

August 25 marks the centennial of the founding of the National Park Service. The mission of the NPS is to “preserve unimpaired the natural and cultural resources of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of this and future generations.” Wrangell-St. Elias National ParkToday Thaddeus Kosciusko National Memorialthe NPS oversees more than 400 units. These include national parks, monuments, battlefields, historic sites, lakeshore and recreation areas, scenic rivers and trails and even the White House! They can be huge like the 13.2 million acre Wrangell-St. Elias National Park (left) in Alaska   or they can be as small as Thaddeus Kosciusko National Memorial (right) which is only .02 acres.

But you don’t need to travel far to explore the national park system. Right in nearby Oyster Bay is Sagamore Hill, home of President Theodore Roosevelt. And did you know that Fire Island National Seashore offers not only a scenic lighthouse and beautiful sand and surf but also the home of William Floyd, a signer of the Declaration of Independence? Going into NYC you have the choice of the African Burial Grounds or Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island.

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Last year more than 3 million people visited sites operated by the NPS. In this centennial year even more people are discovering everything the parks have to offer.  Writer Wallace Stegner called national parks “the best idea we ever had. Absolutely American, absolutely democratic, they national parks compositereflect us at our best rather that at our worst.” If you can’t get away right now, you can enjoy some armchair travel using the NPS Multimedia offerings or visit the library to check out the travel books on the first floor and the mini display on the third floor. If you are still looking for a vacation inspiration, use the Find Your Park website to search by name or location.

-posted by Brenda, Reference Services