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Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 2 PM

Have you been missing out on all of the fun? Want to read FREE eBooks or listen to audiobooks on your Smartphone but you’re not sure how?

Join the Readers’ Services Department for a live demonstration that will teach you how to download free eBooks, audiobooks, movies, music and more to your personal devices using your library card. We will guide you through the process of downloading and transferring books to your smart devices and laptops.

You are welcome to bring your own fully charged devices, as well as any necessary cords and passwords.

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-posted by Evelyn, Readers’ Services




New Music at the Library Part III

I usually like to go to the new section of the music CDs in the library to see what new bands and singers are trending and what’s popular these days. On my last venture into the 2 drawers of the new music I found 3 CDS that intrigued me and I though they deserved some spotlight on them. I decided to take them out and review them for this blog. I chose 2 or 3 top tracks from each CD.  I reviewed the first and second in blog posts last week, his is my review for the third CD:

tributeThe last CD I chose to listen to and review is Tribute by John Newman. It’s a one disc CD with twelve songs, a genre blend of soul and pop. My top two tracks on this album are Love Me Again, track 2, and Gold Dust, track 9. I chose Love Me Again as my first top track because I simply love this song. I heard it on YouTube as it was a related music video from one of the music companies I follow. After hearing it I wanted to hear more. The lyrics are like usual songs about love and heartbreak, a man lamenting on the pain he caused his girl. Listening to it I can’t help but think he is the male version of Adele since he has an old school quality to his voice that made Adele so popular. The second top track I chose was Gold Dust. To me it sounds different from most the popular music playing, which I appreciate. The lyrics aren’t the most happy or uplifting but his voice in the song makes them hauntingly beautiful. I was unable to choose what I would choose for a third top track. I’m torn between Out of My Head (track 6) and Tribute (track 1) since both of them have great lyrics and the instrument accompaniments in both are lovely.

Overall I loved the album. Upon listening to his first single I immediately wanted to hear more. His voice is like something out of the past, full of soul and emotion. His songs are personal and hit the listener on a new level. Newman has stated that this album is a tribute to all that have inspired him from fellow celebrity singers, his family, and the events in his life that have taken an emotional toll on him. The power of his voice is great and all the accompanying background music and beats are fun to move along to. On iTunes his album is rated 4 ½ stars out of 5 and on Amazon his average review is 4.9 out of 5 stars. Similar artists to John Newman according to Last.fm are Aloe Blacc, we have his album Lift Your Spirit, and fellow British artist Naughty Boy who is featured on the latest “Now That’s What You Call Music” collection #50 with the song La La La featuring Sam Smith. For more similar artists you can look at John Newman’s page on Last.fm.

– posted by Stacey, Readers’ Services

New Music at the Library Part II

I usually like to go to the new section of the music CDs in the library to see what new bands and singers are trending and what’s popular these days. On my last venture into the 2 drawers of the new music I found 3 CDS that intrigued me and I though they deserved some spotlight on them. I decided to take them out and review them for this blog. I chose 2 or 3 top tracks from each CD and I’ll tell you why and what I thought of the albums. Here are some thoughts about the second CD I listened to:

Days-of-GoldThe second CD I chose to review was Days of Gold by Jake Owens. It’s a one disc CD with twelve tracks and is his fourth studio album. He fits just perfectly with others artists in his genre of country pop/ rock. Listening to his music reminds me of summer barbeques and parties. His songs are a blend between upbeat dance songs revolving around drinking and slow ballads about love or breaking up. As I’ve stated before, I’m not a big country fan but his album blends enough of pop and rock music that I find it enjoyable. It doesn’t hurt that he does have a talented voice. One of my top three tracks on this album is the title track Days of Gold which is also the first track. It is a good song, with an upbeat tempo, to drive around to on a nice day, windows down. It’s a mix of country and rock, with a somewhat heavy emphasis on guitars. It’s a toe tapping sing-along song that makes you want to get up and dance. Listeners will find the lyrics entertaining and reminiscent of all the good times of summer. Another top track is Life of the Party which is track 5 on the CD. It’s about a love lost and how the guy handles it. It’s a break from Owen’s party anthems and songs about love. The accompanying music is soft and simple in contrast with the lyrics. The lyrics are a bit heart breaking since you do become sympathetic towards the singer. Everyone, at least once in their life, has had to face the questions and looks of “where’s your significant other?” after a break up, when you feel alone despite having people around you, and just grin and bear it because you don’t want to face the music. My last recommended track is (We All Want) What We Ain’t Got, track 9. It’s a stunning emotional power ballad that really does showcase Jake Owen’s vocal capabilities. I would give this album 3 out of 5 stars, as country is not my preferred taste but it’s a fun album to give a listen to, particularly with summer right around the corner. According to iTunes his top two singles are “Days of Gold” and “Beachin” and his CD is rated 4 ½ stars out of 5. If you’ve listened to Dierks Bentley and Jason Aldean (we have CDs of both artists at the library) you will like Jake Owen as they are similar. To find more similar artists you can visit Jake Owen’s page on last.fm.

Watch for my third and last review of a CD from our new music collection.

– posted by Stacey, Readers’ Services

New Music at the Library

I usually like to go to the new section of the music CDs in the library to see what new bands and singers are trending and what’s popular these days. On my last venture into the 2 drawers of the new music I found 3 CDS that intrigued me and I though they deserved some spotlight on them. I decided to take them out and review them for this blog. I chose 2 or 3 top tracks from each CD and I’ll tell you why and what I thought of the albums.

one republicThe first album I chose to listen to and review was Native by OneRepublic. It’s considered an alternative rock album. This was an obvious choice for me since I am a fan of theirs since their first album, Dream Out Loud. This is their third studio album, its one disc with a total of twelve songs. My top tracks are Counting Stars , I Lived and If I Lose Myself . It was hard for me to choose only three tracks since I think the group is amazing and Ryan Tedder’s voice is so talented and a pleasure to listen to. The reason I chose Counting Stars, the first track, is because of the upbeat and catchy tempo of the song. I also enjoy the lyrics and the messages within them. Enjoying life isn’t about becoming the wealthiest person, and money doesn’t always solve life’s problems are just two of the messages I took away from the song. I chose I Lived as my second top track. It’s the fifth song on the album and like Counting Stars, it’s an uplifting song. It’s a song about living life to the fullest and enjoying everything. It’s a great song to listen to when feeling a little blue and the harmonizing during the song is nice to listen to. My third top track is If I Lose Myself, which is the second track on the album. Unlike my other top tracks, this one is a bit slower but still has notes of being an uplifting song. Particularly with the lyrics at the end “Take us down and we keep trying, forty thousand feet, keep flying.” In an interview lead singer Tedder mentioned the song is about his fear of flying and going down in an airplane, and the comfort of how you aren’t alone and someone else is experiencing everything you are.

Overall I would give this album 10 out of 5 because it is just that good. With each new studio album their talent rises and evolves into something amazing.  Native is filled with beautiful and moving music, with powerful lyrics. I would list the entire album as top tracks of mine, as each song is catchy, beautiful, and over all great to listen to. The musical accompaniment is really on point and the vocals are strong, Ryan Tedder hits higher notes and seems to have more range than past albums. iTunes and Amazon both give Native 4 ½ out of 5 stars. From reading other reviews a few people were a little disappointed they are moving away from their traditional piano alternative rock genre and are branching out and playing with new sounds and sounding more vibrant and electropop. Other artists similar to OneRepublic according to last.fm are Imagine Dragons, The Script, Maroon 5, and Coldplay. You can find more similar listens on the last.fm website. The library does have CDs of the bands listed above, as well as plenty of CDs that they are featured on, like the “Now That’s What I Call Music” collections or movie soundtracks.

Watch for my reviews of two more CDs from our new music collection next week.

– posted by Stacey, Readers’ Services

New Music at the Library

I usually like to go to the new section of the music CDs in the library to see what new bands and singers are trending and what’s popular these days. On my last venture into the 2 drawers of new music I found 3 CDs that intrigued me and I thought they deserved some spotlight on them. I decided to take out and review them for this blog .  I chose 2 or 3 top tracks from each CD and I’ll tell you why and what I thought of the albums:

The 12/12/12 Concert for Sandy Relief by Various Artists

12-12-12 Concert for Sandy ReliefThere are 2 discs with a total of 24 songs. Songs #1-12 are on disc 1 and songs #13-24 are on disc 2.  My top 3 tracks are Losing My Religion (live) by Chris Martin featuring Michael Stipe, Another Brick in the Atlantic Wall part 1, 2, 3 (live) by Roger Waters, and Helter Skelter (live ) by Paul McCartney.  Losing My Religion has got to be one of my favorite songs ever. I’m a big fan of REM and Coldplay so to hear both leading men sing one of my favorite songs was wonderful. It was haunting to hear it live with none of the flair from a recording in a studio to sand out the roughness and because of the circumstances of the concert. This song bled with the emotional chaos Hurricane Sandy caused. My second top track was Another Brick in the Atlantic Wall part 1, 2, and 3 by Roger Waters. Roger Waters is one of the two surviving members of the famous band Pink Floyd. This was my second top track because I grew up listening to them since my dad was a huge fan. Another Brick in the Wall, all parts of it, were performed beautifully and although it isn’t my favorite Pink Floyd song it was a great choice for the concert, showcasing the determination and strength that everyone who faced Sandy has. My third and last top track for the album was Helter Skelter sung by Paul McCartney. I just liked how he sang it, it’s an awesome song to get the crowd going and I liked that he chose it over other Beatles’ songs since they tend to be more romantic and uplifting.

What did I think of the album? I thought the album was great!  I enjoyed listening to the music from some of the greatest artists of the 20th century. I saw the concert when it was on TV and it was great to relive the experience. It doesn’t hurt that all the proceeds when to the Robin Hood Relief Fund and helped those affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. I recommend this CD to those who enjoy music from the 1980s and 1990s and loves live recordings.

Port of Morrow by The Shins

Port of MorrowThis is only a one disc CD with a total of 10 songs. My top two favorite tracks are The Rifle’s Spiral and Bait and Switch. I chose those two tracks because I really enjoyed listening to The Rifle’s Spiral, it was catchy and fun. You could easily sing along to the chorus since it’s easy to pick up and it’s a fun track to dance around to although it’s not like their past single Caring is Creepy. I happened to like Bait and Switch since it did have funky groove going for it. What did I think of the album overall? I definitely enjoyed listening to the album. The only songs I have heard from them originally have been Caring is Creepy and New Slang from the Garden State soundtrack. I found that some of their songs are slow and sweet and others are upbeat. Other reviewers of the album believe that James Mercer (lead singer and lyricist) has evolved as a song writer and that The Shins have aged gracefully. Some of the other reviewers like the album but believe their earlier work was better and more true to who The Shins really are, that could be that this is the first CD since four of the original founding members have left the group. I recommend this CD for people who like indie and alternative music.

Our Version of Events by Emeli Sandé

Our Version of EventsThis CD was only one disc with 14 songs in total. My top 2 tracks are would be Heaven and Wonder.  I chose these as my top two tracks because they were fun to listen to. Emeli Sandé has a great and powerful voice. The other 12 tracks on her album were great; just I am not a huge R&B fan to begin with. Heaven and Wonder have a more pop and upbeat vibe compared to other songs of hers like Where I Sleep and Clown.  I thought the album was amazing. This is her first album and it’s wonderful. She has a voice that mesmerizes and her lyrics are incredibly deep. It is a mix of R&B and Pop and it’s definitely a favorite of people’s considering their rave reviews on Amazon. I would recommend her CD to listeners who like Adele and Leona Lewis. She is one powerhouse voice that I hope stays in the spotlight.

-posted by Stacey, Librarian Trainee

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Can’t escape that country music!

The last week in November marked two anniversaries in country music history. George D. “Judge” Hayes introduced the WSM Barn Dance in Nashville on Nov. 28, 1925. He was joined by fiddler Uncle Jimmy Thompson in a show that quickly became very popular. Realizing that for the new radio show to survive and thrive it had to appeal to a broader audience than that in Nashville, Thompson included a musical component that would appeal to the surrounding rural area.  The timing was very good since country music was gaining in popularity. Within weeks the show was a hit showcasing local talent; soon it expanded from one to three hours.  Never heard of WSM Barn Dance? Perhaps you know it with the name it took in 1927: The Grand Ole Opry. Last week also marked the anniversary of Willie Nelson’s debut at the GOP on Nov.28, 1964. This week saw the fan-voted American Country Awards sponsored by Fox. The big winner was Jason Aldean who was named Artist of the Year; his “My Kinda Party” took Record of the Year.

You can get a feel for the country music lifestyle from DVDs and books. The library has films such as “Crazy Heart”, “Nashville” and “Country Strong” as well as documentaries about the Dixie Chicks and the legendary Johnny Cash.   Mysteries by Donald Westlake (Baby Would I Lie) and W.L. Ripley (Electric Country Roulette) have country settings as do several novels such as Nashville Chrome by Rick Bass,  And My Shoes Keep Walking Back to  You by Kathi Goldmark, and Crazy Heart by Thomas Cobb.

For a bit of history country music check out Will the Circle Be Unbroken, edited by Paul Kinsbury, Sing Me Back Home by Dana Jennings, Classic Country: Legends of Country Music by Charles Wolfe and The Grand Ole Opry History of Country Music.

If you like country music, or if you just want to give it a try, choose a CD from the library’s collection (maybe Dolly Parton, Patsy Kline, Reba McEntire or Merle Haggard). If  the genre captures you, you can follow up with some of the Grammy nominees. ACA winners Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood as well as such musicians as George Strait and Lady Antebellum are all nominated for Grammy awards scheduled to be given out in February.

– posted by Brenda, Reference Services

Five for Vampires

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter –  Did you know our 16th President was a Vampire Hunter?  Well, he wasn’t really, but if he were his life might have gone the way author Seth Grahame-Smith has imagined it in this book.  Lincoln’s mother dies because of a Vampire when he is only nine years old and he pledges to get revenge.  So, as well as keeping the Union together and freeing the slaves, Abraham Lincoln was a successful Vampire Hunter as well.

True Blood: Music from the original HBO series. “True Blood” doesn’t come back to TV screens until June but if you’ve already re-watched all the episodes and still want more, try listening to the full versions of the songs you only get to hear parts of during the show.

Dracula – Have you ever seen the original 1931 version starring Bela Lugosi?  No?  Although there have been many film versions featuring the character of Dracula, this is still one of the creepiest.  See it, if not for Lugosi’s iconic and definitive portrayal of Dracula, for the superb performance of Dwight Frye as Renfield:  no one has ever delivered a more disturbing “Yes Master”!

The Vampire Archives: The Most Complete Volume of Vampire Tales Ever Published / edited with an introduction by Otto Penzler.  “(This anthology) collects an astoundingly thorough and enjoyable set of 86 vampire tales, poems and true stories.  Classics such as Le Fanu’s Carmilla, Poe’s Ligeia and Stoker’s Dracula’s Guest are nicely interspersed with lesser-known older and newer works. Fredric Brown’s Blood, an old-school sci-fi short-short, is a hoot, and D.H. Lawrence’s The Lovely Lady is a witty satire that in many ways harks back to Polidori’s The Vampyre.” (Publisher’s Weekly)

Vampire Secrets – This History Channel documentary “uncovers the ancient folkloric origins of blood-craving creatures from beyond the grave. Learn how the vampire myth is strongly rooted in Eastern European lore, but how it has also played a prominent role in the ancient cultures of Greece and China.” (Product Summary).

– posted by Sonia, Readers’ Services