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Government Information on Osama Bin Laden

We’re all interested in the recent events surrounding Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.  The U.S. Government has made much information available to the general public.  Listed below are several websites with pertinent information:

President Obama announced late Sunday that a special unit of the Navy Seals had captured Osama Bin Laden. Read the transcript of the President’s speech.

President Obama reported that Osama Bin Laden had been captured and killed by a U.S. strike team, the Navy Seals, from the Naval Special Warfare Command. Visit the Naval Special Warfare Command and find out about the Navy Seals.

How did this happen? How did they find him? Which agencies were involved in the search?

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its divisions were involved in the search. Visit the CIA to learn about the various divisions that assisted in finding and capturing Osama Bin Laden.

Another agency that supported this effort was the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). NGA applied a range of geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) capabilities that allowed the United States to carry out this operation. Their GEOINT was critical to helping the intelligence community pinpoint Osama Bin Laden’s compound. Visit the agency’s website.

The National Security Agency (NSA) collects, processes, and disseminates intelligence information from foreign signals for intelligence and counterintelligence purposes and to support military operations. This Agency also assisted in capturing Osama Bin Laden. Visit the NSA website to understand its mission.

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by Carlos Sandoval and Catherine Tambini

Friday, September 10 at 2 PM

with Ralph Guiteau, Readers Services Librarian


A Long Island community is torn apart by illegal immigration and its human costs.

This event is a collaboration with P.O.V., PBS’ award-winning nonfiction film series.

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