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Boondock Saints II: All Saints’ Day – For the past eight years, the MacManus brothers have been living with their father on a remote sheep farm in Ireland, far removed from their past vigilante lifestyle. When their uncle informs them that their beloved priest has been killed by the mob, and they are being framed for the murder, the duo return back to Boston to, not only, bring justice to those who are responsible, but clear their names.

Capitalism: A Love Story– The film examines the impact of corporate dominance on the everyday lives of Americans. The film moves from Middle America, to the halls of power in Washington, to the global financial epicenter in Manhattan.

Cirque du Freak:  The Vampire’s Assistant – A young boy named Darren Shan meets a mysterious man at a freak show who turns out to be a Vampire. After a series of events Darren must leave his normal life and go on the road with the Cirque Du Freak and become a Vampire.

Old Dogs – Two friends and business partners find their lives turned upside down when strange circumstances lead to them being placed in the care of 7-year-old twins.

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire – In Harlem, an overweight, illiterate teen who is pregnant with her second child is invited to enroll in an alternative school in hopes that her life can head in a new direction.  Also available on Blu-Ray DVD .

The Stoning of Soraya M. – When a journalist is stranded in her remote village, Zahra takes a bold chance to reveal what the villagers will stop at nothing to keep hidden. Thus begins the remarkable story of what happened to Soraya, a kind-spirited woman whose bad marriage leads her cruel, divorce-seeking husband to trump up false charges of infidelity, which carry an unimaginable penalty.

The Wedding Song – Two 16-year-old girls have an intense friendship while living in Nazi-occupied Tunis in 1942. Nour is a Muslim who eagerly anticipates her wedding to a handsome cousin. Myriam is a French Jew who is furiously resisting her betrothal to a much older doctor. However, his money is needed by her family to pay fines imposed by the Nazis.

Up in the Air – With a job that has him traveling around the country firing people, Ryan Bingham leads an empty life out of a suitcase, until his company does the unexpected: ground him. Also available on Blu-Ray DVD.


5 Questions about Books

Christine Belling, the library’s Systems Administrator, answers some questions about books this week:

The book you are currently reading:

Actually, I’m in the process of reading two books.  The first, The Aqua Net Diaries : Big Hair, Big Dreams, Small Town by Jennifer Niven, is the author’s memoir of growing up and attending high school during the eighties. The second, Get Me Out : A History of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank by Randi Hutter Epstein.  Since I’m pregnant I thought this might be an interesting read.

Last book read:

Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family by Nicholas Pileggi.  I could not put this book down.  It is Henry Hill’s story of his life in the mob and the basis for the movie Goodfellas.

Your favorite book of all time:

I have two favorites, The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien and Watership Down by Richard Adams.  This may be no surprise to anyone else out there who has read and enjoyed these titles.  I once read somewhere that readers who loved Lord of the Rings have a particular fondness for Watership Down.

Your favorite book genre:

I really enjoy non-fiction books.  A few years ago a friend recommended Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer.  The book was fascinating and ever since then I’ve had a strong preference for non-fiction.

Book you’ve faked reading:

Dances with Wolves by Michael Blake.  It was for a Native Americans on film course in college.  The assignment was to write a paper comparing the book to the movie.  Unfortunately, I could not locate a copy of the book anywhere – this was back in the days before online bookstores.  As the due date was drawing near my roommate, Pam, got a copy of the book and took notes for me while she read it.  In the end, with the help of Pam’s notes, I received a good grade for the paper.

Spring is finally here …

…and so are the New Spring Staff Picks for 2010!

Looking for a great book?  Let our staff suggestions guide you in your search for that perfect Spring read.  Check out the New Spring Staff Picks for 2010 now on display on the 2nd floor.  Reviews for the selected titles can also be found on display.  For a complete listing, please see our website.  Titles such as the following were recommended by various staff members throughout the building.

Need a great mystery?  Try: The Distant Echo by Val McDermid

Want to step into another’s shoes for a bit? Try a biography: The Short Bus by Jonathan Mooney

Want a bit of a Spring romance?  Try: Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Or for you suspense junkies, try:  Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith

We guarantee you’ll leave with a great Spring read!

~Posted by Jackie, Readers’ Services Librarian

New in DVD

2012 – An epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors.  Also available in Blu-ray.

The Brothers Bloom – The Brothers Bloom are the best con men in the world, swindling millionaires with complex scenarios of lust and intrigue. Now they’ve decided to take on one last job – showing a beautiful and eccentric heiress the time of her life with a romantic adventure that takes them around the world.

Where the Wild Things Are – An adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s story, where Max, a disobedient little boy sent to bed without his supper, creates his own world–a forest inhabited by ferocious wild creatures that crown Max as their ruler.

Black History Month: Deliverance from Slavery

There were many means used by southern slaves to gain their freedom in the pre-Civil War South.  Henry Brown, 200 pounds, had himself shipped from Virginia to Pennsylvania in a box 3 feet long, 2 feet-3 inches deep and not quite 2 feet wide.  James Miller McKim, an abolitionist and father of the famous architect Charles McKim, accepted delivery.  Despite the fact that the box was marked “this side up”, Brown found himself upside down on several occasions.

The New York Historical Society, in recognition of Black History Month, has made available to the New York Times Mr. McKim’s account of Brown’s arrival.  The letter, which describes how Henry Brown spent 27 hours in his specially made box, can also be read at the New York Historical Society, 170 Central Park West.

A New York Times article on the subject is available online.

-posted by Ed G., Reference Librarian

20-Something Book Club Upcoming Event

The Syosset Public Library 20-Something Book Club has made plans for their next event.  On Monday, March 22 at 7 PM, we will be discussing the graphic novel Sandman: Volume 1—Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman.  This program is open to any 20-something looking for a great book discussion.  No registration is required and the program is free.  Non-Syosset residents are welcome.  Copies of the book will be available starting February 24th at the Readers’ Services Desk on the 2nd floor.  Please call 516-921-7161 x 239 for details.  The discussion will be led by 20-Something Librarians Jackie Ranaldo and Jessikah Chautin.  Look forward to seeing you there! 

“A wizard attempting to capture Death to bargain for eternal life traps her younger brother Dream instead. Fearful for his safety, the wizard kept him imprisoned in a glass bottle for decades. After his escape, Dream, also known as Morpheus, goes on a quest for his lost objects of power. On the way, Morpheus encounters Lucifer and demons from Hell, the Justice League, and John Constantine, the Hellblazer. This book also includes the story “The Sound of Her Wings” which introduces us to the pragmatic and perky goth girl, Death.”  (From the Publisher)

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 – posted by Jackie, Readers’ Services

New in DVD

The Box A small wooden box arrives on the doorstep of a married couple, who know that opening it will grant them a million dollars and kill someone they don’t know.

Dead Snow A ski vacation turns horrific for a group of medical students, as they find themselves confronted by an unimaginable menace: Nazi zombies. Also available on Blu-ray.

Everybody’s Fine A widower who realized his only connection to his family was through his wife sets off on an impromptu road trip to reunite with each of his grown children.

The Informant! The U.S. government decides to go after an agri-business giant with a price-fixing accusation, based on the evidence submitted by their star witness, vice president turned informant Mark Whitacre.

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