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Serial Killers. Check it out, or else…

The Serial Killer FilesDid you know… the word “thug” originates from a cult of serial killers in India led by a man named Thug Behram? Well, you would if you read The Serial Killer Files. Liu Pengli, Thug Behram, Elizabeth Báthory, Hannibal Lecter, Dexter Morgan, Jack the Ripper… famous serial killers throughout history, both real and fictitious. What makes them tick? What makes them kill? Why can’t I stop reading about them???

Dying to know more?  Come check out the Serial Killers: Practice Makes Perfect display on the third floor.

-posted by Megan, Reference Services

Gourmet Magazine is Closing

GourmetMagazineJanuary1941Gourmet Magazine’s  initial issue was January 1941.  Its final issue will be November 2009.  In its almost 70 years of publication, it has become a staple in many households.  It has accumulated an unprecedented number of cookbooks and typewritten recipes in its library, which editor Ruth Reichl has recommended be donated to the New York Public Library or a university.

But just because the magazine will cease publication does not mean that its recipes will not be accessible.  The Syosset Public Library has several excellent recipe websites in its Recommended Websites-Food and Entertainment section  The Epicurious website includes recipes that have appeared in Gourmet Magazine.

The Syosset Public Library has the following books published by Gourmet in its collection:  The Best of Gourmet, Gourmet Today published in 2009,  Gourmet’s America, The Gourmet Cookbook, and Remembrance of Things Paris

Finally, for those of you who just like cookbooks, Cooked Books:  All Things Culinary at the New York Public Library is a unique blog.  Check it out.  At least we’ll have the Gourmet Thanksgiving issue to get us through the holidays.

– posted by Ed, Reference Services

My roses are still blooming…

rose-bushes pic… but I think these flowers might be the last for the summer.  I had to wear a jacket this morning and I brought my hibiscus indoors today.  I think the lazy, hazy days of summer are being replaced by crisp fall days and nights.  This change came fast-last week I was walking along the beach!

I guess it is time to change what I cook for dinner.  My thoughts go to warm, comfy foods. Nothing makes it easier to cook these than a crockpot. Grab some tasty ingredients, put them in the pot, turn it on and, when I come home from work, dinner is ready.

Cookbooks picIf this has made you hungry, try some of our cookbooks for slow cooking. Better Homes and Gardens has Crockery Cooking, Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufman update recipes for the crockpot in Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook, and Fix it and Forget It Big Cookbook by Phyllis Good are just some sample titles from our collection. These and other titles can be found in our cookbook section on the main floor.

I think I will make a chili tomorrow…..

– posted by Brenda, Reference Services

The National Parks: America’s Best Idea. A film by Ken Burns.

ken_burns_Ken Burns’ films have long been recognized as some of the best documentaries of the American experience. But the forthcoming series on America’s National Parks have received more buzz than ever, it seems. I saw the one hour preview on PBS a few weeks ago, and the cinematography is breathtaking. Burns and crew have captured the essence of these national treasures through the history and storytelling, as well as the amazing vistas seen today. They have documented the experiences of historical figures such as presidents, artists and conservationists, as well as the anecdotes of park rangers and travelers like us. This fantastic series should be an inspiration to us all, to stop and appreciate these beautiful landscapes, whether from our couches or our campers. The six part series can be seen on PBS stations, beginning Sunday Sept 27. For more information about the series, visit one of these websites:,,, or for information about the National Park Service,

If you would like to learn more about travelling to our National Parks, or just enjoy the scenery through our books or video collections, call or stop by the library. The Syosset Library has the companion book to the series: The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, by Dayton Duncan and Ken Burns. Or you can pick up one of our many other books or videos about America’s National Parks. You’ll find many of these items on our National Parks book display on the third floor. If you prefer a good read, take an adventure in mystery fiction, set in the national parks, with a book by Nevada Barr, along with a bookmark for the PBS series. When you’re done, you can soak it and plant it to grow wildflowers of your own! And if you enjoy the series, and you’d like to check out some of Ken Burns’ past works, you can find some additional items in our collection.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments, or a personal memory, about the National Parks here on our blog. My favorite National Park is Yosemite. What’s yours?

– posted by Marianne L., Reference Services

The adult independent learner

adult reader pic

Syosset Public Library supports the adult independent learner. We offer 2 programs to help you access college texts and materials.

1. OCLC allows us to interloan books and articles directly from various college libraries.  If you have a title and author of a book that’s not in the Nassau Public Library System, let us know and we will interloan the item for you.

2. LILRC Research Loan Program allows you to go to a local college and use their library.  You can browse a specific collection and borrow items.  Come in to the reference department and tell us what your subject area.  We will issue a card for a specific collection at a specific college.  The card is good for 30 days.

Of course these services are for Syosset Library Patrons in good standing.

– posted by Betty P., Reference Services

Did you know…

globes picSyosset owns many books  in languages other than English.  In the World Language Collection on the first floor we have a selection of books in Japanese on temporary loan.  There are popular American titles such as The DaVinci Code in Chinese,  the Bourne Ultimatum in Russian, and Twilight in Korean.  There are also books in Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

Whether you are looking to read something in your native language or would just like to hone your skills in another language, the collection will have something for you.   If  Syosset Library does not have what you need, ask  any librarian to interloan it from another library.

– posted by Brenda, Reference Services

Premiering in September…

family_watching_tv pic“They don’t make them like they used to”:  hundreds of channels and nothing to watch?   Our current third floor display features materials dealing with television shows that premiered in September during the years prior to 1980.  As the 2009-2010 television season starts up, come in and reminisce about the shows America used to love to watch.   You’ll find many of those shows in DVD format on display, as well as books about them and that era in television.  If you don’t see what you’re interested in, please ask at the reference desk and a librarian will make every effort to find what you need!

– posted by Sonia, Readers’ Services.