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We’re Podcasting!

Tune in to “Turn the Page” the official podcast of
Syosset Public Library!
New Episodes airing every other Thursday!


  • Episode 1: Give us our Gatsby!  An interview featuring Dr. Charles Riley II, Director of the Nassau County Museum of Art. Airing 6/21/2018
  • Episode 2: Syosset Success Story   Syosset High School alum, Jay Max, and his song writing partner,  Alicia Angel, discuss their journey to success in children’s media such as Nickelodeon and Sesame Street Workshop. Airing 7/05/2018

To listen or subscribe visit us at:

-posted by Sonia, Reference Services


Museum Pass Program News

ny-transit-museumSPL has a new museum addition to our Museum Pass Program: the New York Transit Museum.  Housed underground in an authentic 1936 subway station, the NYTM is the largest museum of public transportation in the country.  Located in Brooklyn, the museum exhibits blend science, art and design with NYC history to tell the story of mass transportation.
We have 2 membership cards to the NYTM, each card will admit 2 adults and 2 children.  The museum is closed on Mondays and major holidays.  This pass is now available for patrons to reserve in Tixkeeper.
licm-logoAlso, Syosset Public Library now has 3 museum passes to the Long Island Children’s Museum.  These passes have been generously funded by the Friends of the Syosset Public Library.  Patrons are only allowed to reserve one pass to the Long Island Children’s Museum at the time of their visit and may not combine passes.
-posted by Lisa J., Readers’ Services

October’s Book Displays

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Our first display on the main floor is “It’s a Spooky Time of Year!” stocked full of books that will help you get into the Halloween mood.  Whether you need a scary tale to read, a costume to make, a decoration to hang or a recipe for a special treat, you’ll find it here.

The second main floor display is “Folklore.” It includes the classical fairy tales, myths and folklore tales and has an eclectic assortment of tales from round the world reflecting various cultures. Although folk tales can vary from different countries and lands, many contain universal themes, such family relations, love, greed, coming of age and justice.  Also included in this display are some more modern tales known as urban legends.

The mini displays are “Library Reads” which is a list of the top ten books published every month that librarians across the country love and “2016 National Humanities Medal Honorees” on the other side.

On the third floor our health librarian’s display is “October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.” The books included for this display will inform you about the disease, its treatment options and how to cope with breast cancer in your daily life.  Certainly good information for anyone who has been affected by this disease personally or as a close family member or friend.  There are also a variety of educational handouts.

Celebrate “Hispanic Heritage Month” is the topic for the other third floor display. Learn about Hispanic history, culture, literature and art and the contributions to our American heritage.

As always Syosset Public Library provides its patrons with interesting reading options.

-posted by Betty and Sonia, Reference Services

Presidential Pardon

george washingtonWe may hate to admit it, but the majority of us have, at some point, returned library books past the due date.  Even librarians have been guilty of being in possession of overdue library materials.  Fear not, we are in fact, in good company.  Its seems that the founding father of the United States, our very first President, George Washington is the record holder for the most overdue library book.  Five months into his presidency, September 1789, Washington borrowed the legal manifesto, Law of Nations: Principles of the Law of Nature; or Applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns by Monsieur De Vattel from the New York Society Library in New York City.  For the next 221 years the book lay forgotten amongst other belongings at Washington’s Mount Vernon home in Virginia.  Library officials at the New York Society were aware of the lost book but were not holding out much hope.  Miraculously, in 2010 the book was found and the staff at Mount Vernon returned the book to the New York Society Library.  George Washington’s late fee of $300,000 was waived by the NYSL.  Now, that’s a lot of dollars….   

This article first appeared in the June 2015 issue of Syosset Public Library’s newsletter, The Book Club Insider.

-posted by Lisa J., Readers’ Services

New Book Alerts

Now there’s an easy way to check on new books, movies and music arriving at the Syosset Public Library every week.  Stay on top of the latest fiction, non-fiction, large type, paperbacks, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks and more.

Subscribe to our New Book Alerts email newsletter and as soon as a new title hits the shelf, you’ll be one of the first to know about it.  Then click on the borrow link right from your email to reserve a copy.

Scanning & Faxing @ Syosset Library

Scanning is now available in the 3rd Floor Computer Center!  Syosset Library is the first public library in the country to own the state of the art Scannx Book ScanStation.  The scanner is available to all and is free to use.

What’s so special about this scanner?

– Very user-friendly touch screen monitor.
– Scan books and documents into

  • PDF
  • Searchable PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • PNG

by simply touching the screen for the preferred file format.
– Advanced ABBYY FineReader technology allows you to scan a book to Microsoft Word with incredible accuracy!
– It will scan and save your documents/pictures to a large variety of places, including:

  • USB Drive
  • Email
  • Google Docs
  • Smart Phones
  • Fax

Stop by the Computer Center and check it out!  Reference Librarians will be available if you need assistance.

– posted by Megan, Reference Services

Documentary Film Series

Spend an afternoon at the library as we watch

Friday, November 19th at 2 PM

One day in the early 1990s, retired truck driver, Teri Horton, bought a huge painting at a thrift shop for $5 for a friend as a lark and was stuck with the painting when the friend didn’t have room for it.  Little did Ms. Horton know that she was about to embark on a quite an adventure-  the painting looked remarkably like the work of famed artist,Jackson Pollock, and could be worth millions.  The entertaining documentary “Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock?” follows Horton’s quest to get the art world to accept her painting as the “real deal”.

A discussion will follow the showing of the film,

with Sonia Grgas,  Readers’ Services Librarian.  The program is free.

The film will also be shown at 7 PM, No discussion follows this viewing.

– posted by Sonia, Readers’ Services