Our June Displays

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June is busting out all over-

And the kick-off for our 2016 Adult Summer Reading Club is  today, June 7th .  If you’re joining the club, you can stop by the Syosset Library on your way to beach (or wherever) and get yourself a book from “Beach Reads”, our first floor book display, which will be there throughout the summer.  As always we have a great selection.

Is truth stranger than fiction? Check out our “Spies – Real and Imagined” display, which includes books both real and fictional.  And then you can answer the age old question.  The first floor also has a display of books by local authors which coincides with today’s evening program “Local Author Showcase”.

On the third floor, the health librarian’s June display is “Men’s Health Month.”  Learn how to stay healthy and reduce your risk for diseases.  Lots of free handouts, as well.  This information is too important to be ignored.

FYI- we also have a third floor display called “Ideas – Innovations and Inventions.”  It covers the where, when and who of inventions throughout history.

Syosset Library is once again providing for your reading pleasure, intellectual enjoyment and information needs.

-posted by Betty, Reference Services


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