Tools to Find Your Next Read, Part 1

keep calmNeed help finding your next read? The Syosset Public Library Readers’ Services Department is here to help you! We have a variety of tools to help you find a good book to read. We have a variety of options to help you find their next read. In this series of blog posts, I will describe some of the tools you can use at home or in the library. Accompanying each blog post, I will have images to guide you to our resources.

The first tool you can use is our “Just for Me” submission. You can access this from the library’s homepage. We have one for teens and one for adults (18+). For this post, I will be describing how to use the one for adults. This is a tool you can use at home, at the library, from your phone at the gym, or at your friend’s house. Virtually anywhere you can access our website, you can use this tool. This is the current form of “Just For Me,” we do plan on renovating so this summer keep your eyes open for an update.

To find this tool you must go to the library’s homepage, click the “Books & Reading” tab on the top menu. From the pull down menu you will then click “What Should I Read?” A side menu will pop up beside it and then you will see the option “Just For Me,” it is second from the bottom. Click it.

tools 1It will then lead you to chose between “Teen” and “Adult”. As I stated above, we will be focusing on just the adult version of this tool. So please click the “Adults (18+)” button.

tools 2Once you click it, it will lead you to a brief survey you must fill out. You can choose to fill out a little or as much detail as you would prefer. But remember, the more detail you provide, the better tailored the book results will be. You must fill out your name and email so that we may contact you with our suggestions. Then, you will be prompted to answer two questions about the types of books you like reading. We first narrow it down by Fiction or Non-Fiction materials, and then we ask if you like specialized materials like biographies. The next four questions we encourage you to write in a few sentences. If you give us enough detail of the types of books you enjoy reading, we can give you a list of books that you might like.

tools 3The last two images shown here are the survey questions. Depending on the types of books you enjoy reading; you can answer all or some of the questions. For example, if you only read Non-Fiction books, then you can ignore the first survey question which pertains to Fiction books. The second question is about the page limit. We ask this because a majority of the new books are only 14-day loans. Books that are over 600 pages will be 28-day loan.

tools 4The third question is about the last book you truly enjoyed. You can include more than one book for this answer. By offering more, we can narrow down the types of books you enjoy by subject matter and genre (as an example). Which leads to the last question, do you enjoy a certain subject matter of books? We give examples of time periods and subjects that people are interested in to help you respond to this question.

Once we get a submission, the Readers’ Services librarians create a list of books that may interest you. If you give more details, you get more books. Usually a list ranges from 5-10 titles per detail. If you like romance, suspense, and horror, we try to make a list for each. The usual response time for these submissions is 1-4 days. We want to find books that best fit your specific reading preferences.  Reminder – this is the current form of “Just For Me,” we do plan on renovating this summer keep your eyes open for an update.

You can always email for more feedback about your submission response. Hate the titles we suggested? Let us know! We will work with you to find more books that you might enjoy. We want you to read more and enjoy reading.

-posted by Stacey, Readers’ Services

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