What We’re Reading Now

Second floor fireplace and seating area.
Second floor fireplace and seating area.

Winter is a great time to cozy up and read.  Here is what some of our staff is reading at the moment:

exLisa H., Reference Librarian, “I had read great reviews about The Ex by Alafair Burke before I started reading and so far I haven’t been disappointed. I can’t wait to find out if Olivia’s ex is guilty or not.”

Agreeing to defend her long-ago ex-fiancé when he is arrested for a triple homicide involving his wife’s murderer, a top criminal lawyer confronts formidable doubts in the face of mounting evidence.

Barney, Reference Librarian, “I am currently finishing up two series – The Gray Man series by Mark Greaney – five action/thrillers that I happened upon by chance. And Robert Harris has finally published the conclusion of his Cicero trilogy – the most recent book, Dictator, follows Cicero during the final years of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the Empire.”

back blastReturning to Washington to uncover the truth about why the CIA betrayed him, former elite agent-turned-Gray Man Court Gentry discovers that the case is still very much under discussion and that he has stumbled onto a secret that powerful enemies will kill to keep.

dictatorWith his life in ruins, an exiled Cicero plots a comeback to become Rome’s supreme senator.




Karen, Library Director, is reading The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende.

Japanese LoverIn 1939 San Francisco, Alma falls in love with Ichimei, the gardener’s son, who is sent to an internment camp, but although they reunite, they must hide their love, until in old age her caregiver and her grandson learn about their secret passion.


Pam M, Assistant Library Director, is reading Outlander  by Diana Gabaldon “on my Kindle”.

OutlanderHurtled back through time more than two hundred years to Scotland in 1743, Claire Randall finds herself caught in the midst of an unfamiliar world torn apart by violence, pestilence, and revolution and haunted by her growing feelings for James Fraser, a young soldier


Evelyn, Readers’ Services Librarian, is reading Eleanor By Jason Gurley.

EleanorYears after an accident claims her twin’s life and triggers her father’s abandonment and mother’s ascent into alcoholism, Eleanor begins to experience supernatural dissociations that reveal her parents’ unhappy pasts and her role in helping them heal.

Jackie, Head of Readers’ Services, “I just finished The First Order by Jeff Abbott.”

First OrderTwo brothers. One dead, executed by extremists on a grainy video. The other forged into a top undercover agent. But now, Sam Capra has reason to believe that his brother, Danny, may be alive. Sam Capra is on a one-man mission to find his brother . . .and to stop a war.


Sonia, Health Reference Librarian, “I’m reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. I have a thing for reading books like this, all about why we do the things we do.  This one presents its information in a very easy, not at all dry style and is fascinating.”

Power of HabitIdentifies the neurological processes behind behaviors, explains how self-control and success are largely driven by habits, and shares scientifically-based guidelines for achieving personal goals and overall well-being by adjusting specific habits.


Pam S., Teen Services Librarian, “I am reading Rogue Lawyer by John Rogue LawyerGrisham.”

A nomadic lawyer because of frequent death threats, Sebastian Rudd takes on a case involving a brain-damaged young man accused of murdering two little girls.

Betty T., Consultant, is reading The Relic Master by Christopher Buckley.

Relic MasterPressured by an ambitious patron who would buy a cardinalship, a 16th-century relic hunter and his reckless artist best friend unsuccessfully forge a shroud before being placed in the custody of loutish mercenaries to steal the celebrated Shroud of Chambéry.


Ed, Head of Reference Services, is reading Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys – YA book about refugees fleeing Prussia during WW II,  Into Oblivion by Arnaldur Indridason – prequel to the Erlendur mystery series set in Iceland and The Big Knockover by Dashiell Hammett – short Pulp Mystery (1920s-1940s) stories, primarily in his Continental Op series.”

Salt to the SeaFrantically racing to freedom with thousands of other refugees as Russian forces close in on their homes in East Prussia, Joana, Emilia and Florian meet aboard the doomed Wilhelm Gustloff and are forced to trust each other in order to survive

Into OblivionDetective Erlendur, who works for the shadowy Marion Briem, investigates the case of a man who may have been thrown from an airplane and a cold case disappearance of a young girl.

big knockoverDashiell Hammett’s Continental Op was the prototype for generations of tough-guy detectives. He is also the hero of most of the nine stories in this volume. The Op’s one enthusiasm is doing his job, (which) entail taking on a gang of modern-day freebooters, a vice-ridden hell’s acre in the Arizona desert, and the bank job to end all bank jobs, along with such assorted grifters as Babe McCloor, Bluepoint Vance, Alphabet Shorty McCoy, and the Dis-and-Dat Kid.

All summaries from the publishers.

-posted by Sonia, Reference Services


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