Our Book Displays for December

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On the first floor, our book displays for December include “Happy Holidays”, “Winter” and “Warm Up with a Good Book”.  If you’re needing ideas for holiday celebrating, then take a look at “Happy Holidays”.   It’s a collection of cookbooks for both Hanukkah and Christmas, crafts for sweaters, toys and more.  Of course “Winter” is all things winter from winter sports, fireplace, winter stories to winter gardening.  And for those that are looking for a good read on a long winter night the selection is plentiful on the display, “Warm up With a Good Book”.

Our third floor displays for nonfiction books are “Safe and Healthy for the Holidays” and “National Book Awards for Non Fictional Winners”.  Once again our health reference librarian has gathered a timely collection of books to help us maintain good health during the holiday season.  The collection also includes handouts with advice on safety and health.   The second display, “National Book Awards for Non- Fiction”, is an eclectic assortment of winners in various categories of Biography, Autobiography History, Poetry and general nonfiction; and includes both current and older winners.

Hope you find some fun reading or useful information presented on our books displays.

-posted by Betty, Reference Services

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