A Bookish Question…

The latest bookish question I posed to my co-workers was,

shutterstock_52292377 Magic book of fantasy stories

“What’s your favorite bookish memory?”

Here are some answers:

“I have two. My first favorite bookish memory is when I was having a reading competition with one of my friends to finish the last Harry Potter first. I don’t remember who ended up winning the contest but I remember us calling each other at night and checking in to see where the other one was in the book and what we thought of all that was happening. My second favorite bookish memory is when I was younger I used to hate being outside by the pool. Whenever we’d visit my paternal grandma I’d want to stay in her apartment and play on the computer. To get me to get fresh air my mom gave me one of her many Nora Roberts books, Key of Light. It’s the first in her Key trilogy. I ended up getting so absorbed and loved her writing that I finished her trilogy (and stayed outdoors much to my mom’s delight) within the next two days and became one of Nora’s biggest fans.”

– Stacey, Readers’ Services Librarian

“Reading the first Harry Potter book out loud to my daughter and trying to figure out how to pronounce all the Harry Potter lexicon.  I sounded pretty silly!”

– Lisa C., Assistant Library Director

“I remember commuting into the Manhattan on the LIRR in the 80’s when women wore socks and sneakers with their skirts (ugh!).  I was reading The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher.  I was so wrapped up in the story I started crying for one of the characters.  The man sitting in the next seat had no sympathy for me.  Not even a tissue.”

– Rosemarie B., Librarian Trainee

“Reading Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, as a teenager and I couldn’t put it down.  But my mother needed me to set her hair with rollers, so mom read it aloud while I curled her hair.”

– Betty P., Reference Librarian

“During grade school I was captivated by two books.  The first was The Pink Motel by Carol Ryrie Brink, in which two children get involved with solving a mystery having to do with the assorted colorful characters staying in the bungalows of their parents Florida motel. The other was Shadow Castle by Marian Cockrell which was the story of a fairy prince who falls in love with a mortal princess and the trials and tribulations that ensue.  I read and reread these two books until they fell apart and I still have them both.  My love of the mystery and romantic paramormal genres can be directly traced to the wonderful times I had reading these two books.”

– Sonia, Reference Librarian

-posted by Sonia, Reference Services


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