Rediscovering an Author

lighthouseSometimes you just must go back. Luckily, this summer I downloaded The Lighthouse by P.D. James onto my Kindle. I was stuck in an airport terminal for an interminable amount of time and the only thing that kept my sanity was reading about detective Adam Dalgliesh as he tried to solve the murder of a guest on the exclusive getaway island of Combe.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed James’ books. She doesn’t just present a puzzle to be solved but she enriches the mystery by her background detail and her well drawn characters.  I love the way she makes the landscape and weather enhance her story. She describes buildings and p. d. jameslandscape with great detail. Her characters, even the minor ones, are well rounded and have unique personalities. And, of course, the mysteries are absorbing.

death in holy ordersSince I enjoyed this book, I checked out Death in Holy Orders. It is another Adam Dalgliesh mystery. This one takes place at a theological college in a remote area. The murder of an archdeacon is shocking (even though I knew someone was bound to get murdered in the book!). The novel looks at theological issues as well as the psychological characteristics of the resident priests and visitors. I admit, I had picked the wrong person as the murderer.

cover her faceDeath in Holy Orders was written when the author was 80 years old. I have now returned to her first book, Cover Her Face which I am enjoying all over again.

Have you rediscovered an author or turned to an author with new admiration? I know, so many books, so little time. But some things are worth a second look!

– posted by Brenda, Reference Services


One thought on “Rediscovering an Author”

  1. I love re-reading stories by my favorite authors. Many are no longer living, so I will never get to read a new book from them. But the books they did write left a mark on me forever. Some of my greatest childhood memories are of reading all of “The Boxcar Children”, or “Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators” series of books. Middle of summer, no school, no responsibilities, and nothing to do but read 🙂

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