The Roosevelts

rooseveltsIf you enjoyed watching Ken Burns’ multi-part documentary about the Roosevelts that aired last month, come visit the third floor to check our display of books about them, containing books about our ‘hometown’ boy Theodore, his cousin Franklin, and Eleanor (niece of TR and wife of FDR).

It has been claimed that the Roosevelts were the most influential of all American political families: this one family occupied the presidency for nineteen years. They lived remarkable lives. The documentary delves into the drama of their personal lives: their illnesses, quirks, weaknesses as well as their courage and vision. It looks at the contributions and changes they made to the political, social and international scene. The Roosevelts came from patrician backgrounds but were imbued with a spirit, a responsibility, of doing good.

Several of the displayed books are tempting me:


I was fortunate to have seen a preview of the documentary when Ken Burns was at Sagamore Hill in June. The photographs and the voices of Paul Giamatti (reading the TR material), Edward Hermann as FDR and Meryl Streep as Eleanor are powerful. We think we are familiar with their stories but there is always something new and amazing in this presentation.

– posted by Brenda, Reference Services

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