New Music at the Library Part III

I usually like to go to the new section of the music CDs in the library to see what new bands and singers are trending and what’s popular these days. On my last venture into the 2 drawers of the new music I found 3 CDS that intrigued me and I though they deserved some spotlight on them. I decided to take them out and review them for this blog. I chose 2 or 3 top tracks from each CD.  I reviewed the first and second in blog posts last week, his is my review for the third CD:

tributeThe last CD I chose to listen to and review is Tribute by John Newman. It’s a one disc CD with twelve songs, a genre blend of soul and pop. My top two tracks on this album are Love Me Again, track 2, and Gold Dust, track 9. I chose Love Me Again as my first top track because I simply love this song. I heard it on YouTube as it was a related music video from one of the music companies I follow. After hearing it I wanted to hear more. The lyrics are like usual songs about love and heartbreak, a man lamenting on the pain he caused his girl. Listening to it I can’t help but think he is the male version of Adele since he has an old school quality to his voice that made Adele so popular. The second top track I chose was Gold Dust. To me it sounds different from most the popular music playing, which I appreciate. The lyrics aren’t the most happy or uplifting but his voice in the song makes them hauntingly beautiful. I was unable to choose what I would choose for a third top track. I’m torn between Out of My Head (track 6) and Tribute (track 1) since both of them have great lyrics and the instrument accompaniments in both are lovely.

Overall I loved the album. Upon listening to his first single I immediately wanted to hear more. His voice is like something out of the past, full of soul and emotion. His songs are personal and hit the listener on a new level. Newman has stated that this album is a tribute to all that have inspired him from fellow celebrity singers, his family, and the events in his life that have taken an emotional toll on him. The power of his voice is great and all the accompanying background music and beats are fun to move along to. On iTunes his album is rated 4 ½ stars out of 5 and on Amazon his average review is 4.9 out of 5 stars. Similar artists to John Newman according to are Aloe Blacc, we have his album Lift Your Spirit, and fellow British artist Naughty Boy who is featured on the latest “Now That’s What You Call Music” collection #50 with the song La La La featuring Sam Smith. For more similar artists you can look at John Newman’s page on

– posted by Stacey, Readers’ Services

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