Plan Ahead for a Fun and Festive Year End Book Club Meeting

decemberDecember will be here before we know it.  It’s a very busy time of year for most of us and some groups do not even meet in December as it difficult to read when there are so many demands for our time.  However, with a little planning ahead, your group might prepare for one of your very best meetings ever!

Not Reading a Book for December? Even if your book club chooses not to read a book for December you can still involve reading for this meeting.  Members can simply reminisce and share their own good reading experiences of the past year.  Picking just one short story for all to read is another idea.  Or everyone can pick a poem to read to the others in the group.

awardsHave an Awards Ceremony Create a list of categories for your group to vote on: Best/Worst book discussion, Favorite/Least favorite character, Best Book/Food Pairing, Best Food Prepared for a Meeting – or other categories specific to your group. Vote prior to your year end meeting and prepare to give out award ribbons or small loving cups.  Members can even wear formal evening attire.

gift boxesGift Giving  Many people give gifts at this time of year; your group can have a “Bookish” grab bag.  All can agree to give a book that they think the other members might like.  Just wrap them up and leave the giver anonymous.  Or the gifts can be other book related items: bookmarks, book lights, items with books quotes on them, etc.

Rue du Petit-Champlain in Christmas timeTake it Outside Go out to a restaurant for your holiday meeting.  Or if your book club members live close to each other, have a “Dessert Crawl” : go from house to house to sample a dessert and beverage in each, with  each serving connected in some way to the books you have read in the past. Whether or not you use any of my ideas, I hope your book club has a very fun and very festive year end meeting!

(This article appeared in The Book Club Insider, September 2013)

– posted by Sonia, Readers’ Services

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