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Drama PG-13

EmperorImmediately after Emperor Hirohito’s World War II surrender, General MacArthur suddenly finds himself the de facto ruler of a foreign nation. He challenges his expert on Japanese culture, General Fellers to provide evidence in ten short days to decide if the Japanese Emperor, worshipped as a god by his people but accused of war crimes, should be punished or saved, as the fate of a nation waits. Also available in Blu-Ray DVD.

The Company You Keep

Company You KeepDrama R

Jim Grant is a public interest lawyer and single father raising his daughter in the tranquil suburbs of Albany, New York. Grant’s world is turned upside down when a brash young reporter named Ben Shepard exposes his true identity as a former 1970s antiwar radical fugitive wanted for murder.

The Big Wedding

Comedy R

Big WeddingTo the amusement of their adult children and friends, long-divorced couple Don and Ellie Griffin are once again forced to play the happy couple for the sake of their adopted son’s wedding after his ultra-conservative biological mother unexpectedly decides to fly halfway across the world to attend. With all of the wedding guests looking on, the Griffins are hilariously forced to confront their past, present, and future, and hopefully avoid killing each other in the process.

Olympus Has Fallen

Action R

Olympus Has FallenWhen the president is kidnapped by a terrorist who seizes control of the White House (Secret Service Code: ‘Olympus’), disgraced former presidential guard Mike Banning finds himself trapped within the building. As the national security team rushes to respond, they must rely on Banning’s insider knowledge to save the president and prevent an even greater catastrophe.

What Maisie Knew

Drama PG-13

What Maisie KnewA young girl is caught in the middle of her parents’ bitter custody battle. Struggling for grace in the midst of this mayhem, Maisie navigates this ever-widening turmoil with innocence, charm and generosity of spirit.

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