Lollipop Farm Train to Roll Again!

Many Syosset residents can recall the great fun they had as children riding the Lollipop Farm train. Soon we will be able to share those memories with our own children and grandchildren. The Greenlawn-Centerport Historical Association has acquired the original Lollipop Farm train and is currently restoring it and readying it for installation at the John Gardiner Farm in Huntington.

Lollipop Farm was a petting zoo located at Jericho Turnpike and Jackson Avenue. The farm was owned and operated by Harry Sweeney from the early 1950s until it closed in 1967. One of the great attractions of Lollipop Farm was the Train which carried children through the zoo.

The Lollipop Farm Train

lollipop farm train

After the Farm closed, the train passed through several owners until it ended up in the storage barn of the Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities, where it remained until the current restoration project. The original train locomotive has been fitted with a new engine, and the train has been repainted to its original yellow and red color scheme.

 Restoration of the Lollipop Farm train.

lollipop farm train restoration

The Greenlawn-Centerport Historical Association anticipates that the train will be up and running later this summer.  The John Gardiner Farm is located at 900 Park Avenue, Huntington, NY.

-posted by Barney, Reference Librarian

7 thoughts on “Lollipop Farm Train to Roll Again!”

  1. I was raised in Syosset but unfortunately I am too young to remember the Lillipop Farm. However, from old books and pamphlets, I was able to see how vibrant the attraction was! I’m sad it doesn’t exist anymore! Great post 🙂

  2. I went there many times-it was always special.
    I recall a talking bird would greet you at the entrance turnstile.
    I also recall the train and a boat that would slowly wind though (anyone else?).
    I also recall themed areas for birthdays-I especially recall the treehouse because I wanted a treehouse (we lived in tree-less Levittown).

  3. I worked at the farm in 1950-51 and especially enjoyed a young horse
    called Jehrico “T” and ” Pussys in the well.” letting the kittens be played with by children. Have a beat up copy of a book called ” Lollipop Farm by Alice Vee Sweeny,” well enjoyed by my children. Florence

  4. Diane Iannucci
    Nov. 8, 2018
    OMG was my favorite place in the Whole Wide World!! Lived only few blocks away. About 5 years ago I found a soft covered little book titled “Stories From Lollipop Farm” at a garage sale. The book was written by Alice Vee Sweeny and the copyright is 1955. It is in almost mint condition. To me it was like finding gold! What cherished memories!

    1. Thanks for your comment and the info about that book. We are going to try and find a copy for our local history room.

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