Looking Ahead for Your Next Book Club Pick: Why Not a Cookbook?

cookbook readerWe’ve all heard suggestions about pairing the books you read for your group with foods you can enjoy during your discussions.  How about choosing a cookbook as the book for one of your meetings?  Members can agree to try one or two recipes during the month and report back on how the dishes turned out.  Discussion could cover the usefulness of the chosen cookbook, if the directions were clear, if there were pictures, if anything new was learned and so on.   Each member might agree to bring a sample of a successful dish for everyone else to try.  But which cookbook?

Here are some suggestions for a Cookbook Book discussion:

Is there a certain cuisine or the recipes of a certain chef that your members have always wanted to try:

Maybe your members are not comfortable in the kitchen and would like to learn to cook with more confidence:

Or members would like to drop a few pounds and learn to cook foods that would help with that goal:

Or maybe every one would like to try baking a dessert or two:

Let  Readers’ Services help to make your cookbook discussion possible.  We can obtain enough copies of all of the cookbooks mentioned here, as well as many others.   If this idea sounds appetizing (pun intended!) to you and your group please do not hesitate to discuss it with us next time you visit the library or just give us a call!

– posted by Sonia, Readers’ Services

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