A Golf Themed Book Discussion

golf holeThe first of the PGA’s (Professional Golf Association) 4 major tournaments, The Master’s, was held this past week, on April 11, 2013 through April 14, 2013 at majestic Augusta National in Augusta, Georgia.  Nothing says spring has arrived than the lush red and purple azaleas in bloom along the rich green grass of the Augusta National Fairway.  Another picturesque golf course is Pebble Beach in California where the waves of the Pacific Ocean crash into the rocks along the shoreline.  To quote the golfer Tom Watson, “No other game combines the wonder of nature with the discipline of sport in such carefully planned ways.  A great golf course both frees and challenges a golfer’s mind.” If you are looking for new subject matter for your book club to explore or to learn a few tidbits about the game of golf, here are a few suggestions that will evoke great discussions for your group.

The Back Nine by Billy Mott

back nineThough he is older and slightly disheveled, Charlie McLeod can still drive the ball as straight and as far as the best players in the world. When his extraordinary skills are discovered, he quickly becomes embroiled in a high stakes game between his wealthy employers and a ferocious pro. What ensues is the hilarious and touching story of an underdog and the joys and life lessons found in the great game of golf.

The Kingdom of Shivas Irons by Michael Murphy

Kingdom of Shivas IronsThis is the enchanting story of Murphy’s return to Scotland in search of Shivas Irons and his wisdom about golf and human potential. Murphy’s quest takes him from the mystical golf courses of Scotland, across the world to the first Russian Open Golf Championship, and finally to Pebble Beach on the California Coast. The result is a delightful exploration of the inner game of golf and a provocative inquiry into our remarkable possibilities for growth and transformation.

The Bird Sisters by Rebecca Rasmussen

Bird SistersAs elderly women, sisters Twiss and Milly live alone in the house where they grew up in Spring Green, Wis. They spend their days tending to injured birds and roaming their land, lost in memories. For Milly, there is the constant reminder of what could have been. Twiss spent her childhood happily trailing behind their golf-pro father, but Milly dreamed about a family and children that never happened. There was hope for a young Milly, until an accident strips their father of his golfing abilities and sets in motion a series of events that rips apart the already unstable family.

Mr. Rosenblum Dreams in English by Natasha Solomons

Mr. Rosenblum Dreams in EnglishAfter escaping Germany during WWII, Jack and Sadie Rosenblum, together with their baby daughter, settle into a life of acting “English.” In post-war England, however, no golf club will admit a Rosenblum. So Jack hatches a wild idea: he’ll build his own. It’s an obsession Sadie does not share, particularly when Jack relocates them to a thatched roof cottage in Dorset to embark on his project.

– posted by Lisa J., Readers’ Services


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