Why Not a Mystery?

magnifying glassSince mystery is my own favorite genre to read, it had long been on my mind to choose a mystery for one of my book discussions at the library.  But which one?   Mysteries do not seem to fit the accepted criteria usually applied by common wisdom to titles chosen by book groups for their discussions.  Books that are chosen for discussion are those considered well written, containing character driven stories that are primarily about people and their relationships to each other. There is some stress or trauma that happens to one, some or all of the characters.  Some of the stories end happily, most end ambiguously giving books club members plenty to talk about.

      While “typical“ book club choices are primarily character driven, mysteries are considered plot driven.  No ambiguity there! We get to know “whodunit” and that’s that.  But mystery fans know that there are many mysteries that exhibit the “typical book club book traits”.   Although there are many titles in the mystery genre that fulfill these criteria, mysteries are just not picked very much by book groups for their discussions.

       But I was determined to pick a mystery toagatha christie discuss and settled on one by my favorite author, Agatha Christie.  So it was that on March 12, 2013 the Evening Book Club met to discuss Dame Christie’s best selling (over 100 million copies to date),  And Then There Were None.  The conversation that resulted was both spirited and interesting.  Most members enjoyed the book and were glad to have the opportunity to read one of Agatha Christie’s books (only I and one other person had ever read her before!).  In the interest of not giving anything away, I will say only that there is much to discuss in this book and hope that you will give it or another mystery a try.

Discussible mysteries:

Finding Nouf by Zoe Ferraris

Still Life by Louise Penney

A Test of Wills by Charles Todd

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

 – posted by Sonia, Readers’ Serivces

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