New Music at the Library

I usually like to go to the new section of the music CDs in the library to see what new bands and singers are trending and what’s popular these days. On my last venture into the 2 drawers of new music I found 3 CDs that intrigued me and I thought they deserved some spotlight on them. I decided to take out and review them for this blog .  I chose 2 or 3 top tracks from each CD and I’ll tell you why and what I thought of the albums:

The 12/12/12 Concert for Sandy Relief by Various Artists

12-12-12 Concert for Sandy ReliefThere are 2 discs with a total of 24 songs. Songs #1-12 are on disc 1 and songs #13-24 are on disc 2.  My top 3 tracks are Losing My Religion (live) by Chris Martin featuring Michael Stipe, Another Brick in the Atlantic Wall part 1, 2, 3 (live) by Roger Waters, and Helter Skelter (live ) by Paul McCartney.  Losing My Religion has got to be one of my favorite songs ever. I’m a big fan of REM and Coldplay so to hear both leading men sing one of my favorite songs was wonderful. It was haunting to hear it live with none of the flair from a recording in a studio to sand out the roughness and because of the circumstances of the concert. This song bled with the emotional chaos Hurricane Sandy caused. My second top track was Another Brick in the Atlantic Wall part 1, 2, and 3 by Roger Waters. Roger Waters is one of the two surviving members of the famous band Pink Floyd. This was my second top track because I grew up listening to them since my dad was a huge fan. Another Brick in the Wall, all parts of it, were performed beautifully and although it isn’t my favorite Pink Floyd song it was a great choice for the concert, showcasing the determination and strength that everyone who faced Sandy has. My third and last top track for the album was Helter Skelter sung by Paul McCartney. I just liked how he sang it, it’s an awesome song to get the crowd going and I liked that he chose it over other Beatles’ songs since they tend to be more romantic and uplifting.

What did I think of the album? I thought the album was great!  I enjoyed listening to the music from some of the greatest artists of the 20th century. I saw the concert when it was on TV and it was great to relive the experience. It doesn’t hurt that all the proceeds when to the Robin Hood Relief Fund and helped those affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. I recommend this CD to those who enjoy music from the 1980s and 1990s and loves live recordings.

Port of Morrow by The Shins

Port of MorrowThis is only a one disc CD with a total of 10 songs. My top two favorite tracks are The Rifle’s Spiral and Bait and Switch. I chose those two tracks because I really enjoyed listening to The Rifle’s Spiral, it was catchy and fun. You could easily sing along to the chorus since it’s easy to pick up and it’s a fun track to dance around to although it’s not like their past single Caring is Creepy. I happened to like Bait and Switch since it did have funky groove going for it. What did I think of the album overall? I definitely enjoyed listening to the album. The only songs I have heard from them originally have been Caring is Creepy and New Slang from the Garden State soundtrack. I found that some of their songs are slow and sweet and others are upbeat. Other reviewers of the album believe that James Mercer (lead singer and lyricist) has evolved as a song writer and that The Shins have aged gracefully. Some of the other reviewers like the album but believe their earlier work was better and more true to who The Shins really are, that could be that this is the first CD since four of the original founding members have left the group. I recommend this CD for people who like indie and alternative music.

Our Version of Events by Emeli Sandé

Our Version of EventsThis CD was only one disc with 14 songs in total. My top 2 tracks are would be Heaven and Wonder.  I chose these as my top two tracks because they were fun to listen to. Emeli Sandé has a great and powerful voice. The other 12 tracks on her album were great; just I am not a huge R&B fan to begin with. Heaven and Wonder have a more pop and upbeat vibe compared to other songs of hers like Where I Sleep and Clown.  I thought the album was amazing. This is her first album and it’s wonderful. She has a voice that mesmerizes and her lyrics are incredibly deep. It is a mix of R&B and Pop and it’s definitely a favorite of people’s considering their rave reviews on Amazon. I would recommend her CD to listeners who like Adele and Leona Lewis. She is one powerhouse voice that I hope stays in the spotlight.

-posted by Stacey, Librarian Trainee

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