Graphic Novels in the Syosset Public Library

get graphic at library

There is a section in the library, in a back corner on the second floor by the tables by the windows (left side of the floor when looking at the fireplace) that you might not know about. It only takes up a few shelves on a bookcase. This section is the Adult Graphic Novels section. Some popular Fiction and Non-Fiction titles are found here in a new illustrated format. Books located here are what many consider to be “grown-up comic books”. The difference between the two is that graphic novels tend to be large and better bound than classic comic books and they aren’t found sold at newsstands. They are sold at comic book shops, book stores, and found now within libraries.

medieval woodcutGraphic Novels, although newly popular today, have a long history beginning in the early 20th century in the 1920s. They started as revivals of medieval woodcut prints (at right) and slowly developed into bound comics containing short stories or novels, what you can see on the shelf today. What started as a few books grew into a popular format found in book stores, comic book shops, public libraries, private libraries, and even academic libraries!

jokerOn our shelves you can find Fiction and Non-Fiction titles like; Get Jiro! By Anthony Bourdain, Joker (left( by Brian Azzarello and other Batman stories, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore, The Walking Dead volumes 1-7 anne frank graphic novelby Robert Kirkman, Trinity: A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb by Jonathan Fetter-Vorm, and A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge by Josh Neufeld. There are graphic novel biographies too such as Anne Frank: The Anne Frank House Authorized Graphic Biography (right) by Sidney Jacobson and the well known Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. What I feel makes the section interesting is there are graphic novels of the classics by Dante, Ray Bradbury, Homer and more.

Come on up to the second floor, visit the secluded section of graphic novels and try a book new format!

– posted by Stacey, Readers’ Services

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