King Tut’s Tomb Discovered!

“This has been perhaps the most extraordinary day in the whole history of Egyptian excavation. …before the spectators was the resplendent mausoleum of the King, a spacious and beautifully decorated chamber completely occupied by an immense shrine covered with gold inlaid with brilliant blue falence,”

– New York Times, Feb. 16, 1923.

Archaeologist  Howard Carter had opened the tomb of King Tutankhamun. After years searching in the Valley of the Kings, Carter, under the patronage of the Lord of Carnarvon had discovered the tomb of the boy king who had ruled Egypt from 1333 to 1323 B.C.

Checkout Masterpieces of Tutankhamun by David Silverman to get an idea of the amazing artifacts.  For a look into his life try Christine El Mahdy’s Tutankhamen: the Life and Death of a Boy-King, Christine Desroches-Noblecourt’s Tutankhamen: Life and Death of a Pharoah, or  and James Patterson’s The Murder of King Tut.

Ancient Egypt: the Great Discoveries by Nicholas Reeves is a chronicle of the archaeologists and their discoveries. And The World of the Pharoahs by Henri Stierlin presents a picture of the Egyptian world. The National Geographic’s Treasures of Ancient Egypt website has detailed information about King Tut including the magazine’s amazing photos when the tomb was discovered.

– posted by Brenda, Reference Services


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