Earthquakes! Hurricanes! Oh My…

To visit Mineral, VA you would never think of it as an “epicenter”.  A quiet little place, the population in 2000 totaled only 424.  If you decide to take a scenic route to get to Richmond, you can pass through lovely Lake Anna State Park and then travel along Rte.  522 which brings you through farming country (goats and Angus cows) and vineyards. You pass through Mineral and would never guess that it would be in the news!  A sweet little town.  But on August 23, 2011 it made the headlines as the epicenter of an 5.8 earthquake that was felt as far away as Syosset (and even more distant than that)! Here is something you might not have seen:  the reaction of the animals at the National Zoo in DC.

Some of the hurricane’s thunder (pardon the meterological pun) is now being stolen by something named Irene: a hurricane that is lashing out along the coasts of North Carolina and Virginia and headed to Long Island.  Be prepared is the word now. Prepare an emergency kit and check out the shelters in Nassau County.   If all this news has sparked your interest in natural disasters, visit the display of books on the library’s third floor: “Wild and Weird Weather”.

– posted by Brenda, Reference Services


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