April is National Poetry Month

I know, I know the month is nearing its end, but I would be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone that poetry does matter. Everyone is in such a hurry and the world seems at times to be a terrible place that we should all take a few moments just to enjoy the succinct beauty of a poem.

One of my favorite poets wrote:

Doesn’t Every Poet Write a Poem about Unrequited Love?

The flowers
I wanted to bring to you,
wild and wet
from the pale dunes

and still smelling
of the summer night
and still holding a moment or two
of the night crickets

humble prayer,
would have been
so handsome
in your hands–

so happy–I dare to say it–
in your hands–
yet your smile
would have been nowhere

and maybe you would have tossed them
onto the ground,
or maybe, for tenderness,
you would have taken them

into your house
and given them water
and put them in a dark corner
out of reach.

In matters of love
of this kind
there are things we long to do
but must not do.

I would not want to see
your smile diminished.
And the flowers, anyway,
are happy just where they are,

on the pale dunes,
above the cricket’s humble nest,
under the blue sky
that loves us all.

Mary Oliver

From Thirst published 2006

Beacon Press

-posted by Susan-Health Reference Services

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