Book Review

Fish! Tales

by Stephen C Lundin, Harry Paul,

Phillip Strand and John Christensen

The book is the follow-up book to FISH! which follows the Seattle’s famous Pike Place Fish Market.  The first book was about a fictitious company using the lessons learned from the fish market.  The second book outlines real businesses that implemented what the authors call the FISH philosophy.   The four FISH principles include: play, make their day, be there and choose your attitude.

The book illustrates how completely different style and size workplaces (a Sprint call center, a hospital, an auto mechanic shop and a roofing company) can put their philosopy in practice and make changes that will make the employees happier in performing their job and also make their workplace more productive.  The end of the book details a program with specific steps and action plans to help transform any workplace.

Ultimately the book shows how person by person, each of us can transform our workplace and ourselves if we choose to on a daily basis.  So, read this Fish! Tales if you need to energize your workforce, motivate your employees, increase employee retention or you personally need to be energized and excited about what you do at work.

– posted by Alisa, Reference Services

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