A Baker’s Dilemma

Cupcakes or pies?  Reports from food trend watchers suggest that pies will take over the spotlight from cupcakes this year.

Yes, pies can be sweet or savory, filled with seasonal fruit or custard, or be ‘baked’ in the refrigerator as an homey ice box pie.  But what about the sweet little cupcake?  It is that perfect single -serve size that reminds us of childhood.  Cupcake devotees have opened restaurants and bakeries featuring the paper-clad treat.  But The New York Times reported that similar establishments are now featuring  pies.  Perhaps the cupcake is relinquishing its place of honor.  If you feel that you must have the ‘best’ pie selection, take a look at these restaurants reputed to serve the finest.

Syosset Public Library’s cookbook collection can satisfy your cravings whichever way you choose: cupcakes or pies.  And you can find plenty of recipes and decorating ideas online for cupcakes.  You might have missed National Pie Day (January 28) but you can still try a new recipe.

I am not taking sides on this issue! I love to fill a pretty plate with a selection of decorated little cakes. And I cannot imagine Thanksgiving without pumpkin and pecan pies, nor would a summer BBQ be complete without a chocolate pudding pie. So…I will make some red velvet cupcakes with snowy white frosting  and a Hershey kiss on top  for Valentine’s Day. And then I will make a sour cherry pie to celebrate George Washington’s birthday.

– posted by Brenda, Reference Services

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