Documentary Film Series

The Most Dangerous Man in America

Friday, January 28, 2011

at 2 PM & 7 PM

Before Julian Assange and “WikiLeaks” there was Daniel Ellsberg and the “Pentagon Papers”.  Ellsberg was prosecuted in 1973 for leaking thousands of internal Defense Department documents dealing with the Vietnam War to the New York Times.  Nearly 40 years have passed since what was considered at the time to be the largest classified military leak in United States history.

The Most Dangerous Man in America ” tells the inside story, for the first time on film, of this pivotal event that changed history and transformed our nation’s political discourse. It is told largely by the players of that dramatic episode-Ellsberg, his colleagues, family and critics; Pentagon Papers authors and government officials; Vietnam veterans and anti-war activists; Watergate principals, attorneys and the journalists who both covered the story and were an integral part of it; and finally-through White House audiotapes-President Nixon and his inner circle of advisers.” (

The documentary will be shown at 2 PM and again at 7 PM.

There will be a discussion of the film following the 2 PM showing.

– posted by Lisa J. – Readers Services

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