I’m sitting at the Readers’ Services desk taking reserves for the 10 Hottest Books of the Week (you’ll find them listed to the right) and looking at the myriad of new fiction and non-fiction that’s just sitting here waiting for someone to discover.  One of my favorite things to do is pass by the James Patterson, Fern Michaels, and Danielle Steel novels and find that hidden gem.  Well, I’ve found one and it’s waiting for you.

The Gendarme by Mark T. Mustian

I read it months ago and was entranced with the writing and the characters.  It’s a powerful story that deals with memories.  The ones we hold on to, and the ones we choose to bury.

Don’t want to take my word for it?  Mike Peed of The New York Times writes, “…Mustian appears to confront an enormous subject: the Turkish deportation of Armenians during World War I, when hundreds of thousands died amid a hellish march into Syria—an expulsion that has, outside Turkey, often been labeled as genocide. But in truth, Mustian…tells a story that probes a timeless array of life’s general adversities: the tricks of memory that enable us to carry on with our daily existence; the brash decisions and subsequent regrets of the young; the ever present need for forgiveness; the way a single event can be subject to many interpretations. Mustian embodies the intractability of these difficulties in the image of an Armenian girl with mismatched eyes…She sees the past and the present, the good and the bad, our side and theirs. Her mystery is life’s mystery.”

The Gendarme is here waiting.

Not your cup of tea?  Come to the Readers’ Services desk-we’ve got more gems to recommend.

– posted by Susan, Readers Services’


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