This is Nat’l Library Card Sign-up Month!

Are you one of the elite 68?  A Harris poll found that 68% of Americans have a library card.

Since September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month, why not get yours today? Think of all the advantages a library card offers:

  • books, DVDs and music you can take home to enjoy
  • computer classes to enhance your skills
  • online homework help
  • concerts, lectures, classes and movies for your enjoyment
  • crafts, music, books, classes for all ages
  • college prep classes and volunteer opportunities for teens

… the list goes on.  It’s easy to get a library card.  Just come to the circulation desk on the main floor with proof that you are a resident of the Syosset School District and you can start enjoying everything the library has to offer right away!

– posted by Brenda, Reference Services

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One thought on “This is Nat’l Library Card Sign-up Month!”

  1. This blog promotes patrons coming to the library to sign up for library cards and the advantages of having a library card. All the print and non-print materials that can be borrowed, activities, classess, online help, etc., The National Library in Trinidad and Tobago has embarked on a program to get the elder especially to join the library. They are given a certain amount of free copies every month if they are a member. Most of the activities and classes as well in the various libraries ask that members participate, so this encourages parents to join their children because they want them to be involved in the activities.

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