Recently Added Staff Picks

American Made: The Enduring Legacy of the WPA by Nick Taylor

“Seventy-five years after Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, here for the first time is the remarkable story of one of its enduring cornerstones, the Works Progress Administration (WPA): its passionate believers, its furious critics, and its amazing accomplishments.“(From the Publisher)

–  recommended By: Brenda Cherry, Reference Librarian

Cold Spring Harbor by Richard Yates

“In this classic novel Yates, hailed as a preeminent chronicler of the American condition and author of the acclaimed Revolutionary Road, weaves a masterful, unflinching tale of two families brought together by chance, desperation, and desire.”  (From the Publisher)

–  recommended By: Jackie Ranaldo, Readers’ Services Librarian

Love the One You’re With by Emily Giffin

“New York City-based photographer Ellen Graham is a happy newlywed-until a chance meeting with an old boyfriend leads her to revisit the past and question her present in Giffin’s fourth novel.”

– recommended By: Jill Jacobson, Readers’ Services Librarian

The Sisters Antipodes by Jane Alison

“In this enormously compelling memoir, novelist Alison recounts the strangely definitive reconfiguration of her family when her parents broke up and switched partners and children with another couple they met in Australia.”  (Publishers Weekly)

recommended By: Lisa Caputo, Head of Adult Services

– posted by Jackie, Readers’ Services

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