Favorite book covers: 2009

Who said “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?

The end of a year is usually the time for lists of one sort of another.  Well, as this is a library blog, it’s no surprise that I’m offering a list of books but this list has nothing to do with their content .  It has only to do with their looks:  a beauty contest for books. The following books have covers whose design and appearance were arresting and attractive to me, the moment I saw them.  There was no thought to it – no judgment about the authors or the sound of the titles.  Does that mean I read them all?  Some I did, some I didn’t.  But I’m not saying which:  Shanghai Girls, Very Valentine, Practicing Catholic, The Forgotten Garden & Death Wore White.

Click on the covers to see larger versions of the pictures and click on the titles to reserve any of them.

Did any book covers stop you dead in your tracks during 2009?

Let us know by making a comment, and a very Happy New Year to all!

~ posted by Sonia


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