U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton

What are we Sue Grafton fans going to do when she finishes her alphabet mystery series?  We’ll be in deep trouble, unless she starts a new series.  In U is for Undertow, PI Kinsey Millhone is visited by Michael Sutton, 27 years old, who remembers something he saw 21 years ago that may shed light on a young girl’s kidnapping in 1967.  While his story sounds implausible, there are elements that sound truthful, so she begins to investigate.

Of course things get complicated and the mysteries grow.  Indeed, she also gets caught up in family struggles that mirror her own dysfunctional family situation.

Grafton jumps between 1988, the setting of the book, and 1967 when the original kidnapping took place.  As usual, her characters are colorful, her plot is exciting, her writing sucks you in.  Grafton continually shows that you don’t need a lot of blood and guts to create absorbing mystery.

-posted by Ed G., Reference Librarian


2 thoughts on “U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton”

  1. Sue, love your books – am now reading ‘J is for Judgement’ on Kindle Fire I was given for Christmas. HOWEVER, the typos, incorrect spellings and use of symbols and digits are driving me up a WALL. I have learned ‘corner’ appears as ‘comer’ in your books and ‘corn’ is shortened to ‘com’. Who in the world transcribed your work? Could I apply for a job as your proof reader?

    An old secretary in AL

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