How was that last book you read?

Did it have your fingers earning tiny little paper cuts as you anxiously turned to the next page, desperate to know what was going to happen next?  Did it give you a headache from banging your head against a desk in frustration (Why am I reading this book, why)?

Spread the word!

Submit a review for a book you’ve read and let the whole library know how fantastic or awful it was.  How do I do this, you ask?  It’s easy.

  1. Find the book in the library catalog.
  2. Under the title/author/publication information is a line for User Reviews.
  3. Click where it says, “add a review.”
  4. Click “Review this yourself.”
  5. Create a review account by entering a user name, password, and if you’d like, an email address.  Prefer to post an anonymous review?  No problem – just create a wacky user name; no real identity required.
  6. Click “Submit.”
  7. Type your review!

You can review any of the library materials that appear in the catalog, not just  books – the more reviews, the merrier – so add yours now!

– posted by Megan, Reference Services

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