Mysteries from Across the Pond and Beyond

distant echoThe Distant Echo by Val McDermid
1978 four friends leave a college party-heading back to the dorms via the quickest route possible and stumble onto the body of a dying girl.  The friends quickly become the prime suspects in the crime, but protest their innocence.  How do you prove that you haven’t done something for which you are accused?  The police believe they did the deed, the family of the dead girl agrees, and the townspeople and college classmates concur.  No solid evidence is found to prove the presumption, so they are never charged with the crime.  Everyone thinks they’ve gotten away with murder.  Flash forward to 2003 and with the advent of DNA the cold case is re-opened, but someone isn’t waiting for the police to botch the investigation again he/she has decided to punish the guilty.

Never read Val McDermid, but now I’m hooked.  This is a well written page turner.

in the woodsone good turnthe-callingbroken shoreBorderlands

I also highly recommend:
In the Woods and The Likeness by Tana French (Ireland)
One Good Turn and When Will There be Good News by Kate Atkinson (Scotland)
The Calling by Inger Ash Wolf (Canada)
The Broken Shore by Peter Temple (Australia)
And the Inspector Devlin Series (Borderlands and Gallows Lane) by Brian McGilloway (Ireland)

What ties them together (other than my fondness for them)?  Intelligent writing, great characters, a page turning storyline, and yes, of course, they are all set across the pond and beyond.

– posted by Susan, Readers’ Services

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