A word about audiobooks…

audio books picFirst of all, do you “read” audiobooks?  Or do you “listen” to them?  Does one get the same experience from the printed version of a book as from the audio version?   This can lead to some heated discussions:  some people absolutely will not hear of someone saying ,  “ I just finished reading  Kite Runner on CD”, believing that if you have not read a book in its printed form you have not really read it.   The audiobook experience could not possibly be as intellectually rewarding.  The thing to say to these individuals is “I just finished listening to Kite Runner on CD”.  People who do “read” audiobooks, insist that they are “just as good”.

Before I started using audiobooks,  I, too,felt that listening to the audio version of a book couldn’t possibly be the same as reading it in print.  And do you know what ?  I still do.  But that does not mean that one experience is worthier than the other, but the two are definitely different.    I’ll save my thoughts about  the differences  for a later post.  Until then, what do you think?  Let us know by making a comment.

(If you’re interested, the Syosset Public Library has The Kite Runner in both print and audio.)

– posted by Sonia, Readers’ Services


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