Free in DC — A book lover’s paradise!

2009PosterHear your favorite authors talk about and read from the books you love!  The 9th Annual National Book Festival will be held on September 26, 2009.  I attended this event in 2004 and 2005 and LOVED it!  Surrounded by the grandeur of the monuments and Smithsonian on the Mall in DC, it was really fun to hear the authors speak about their books in their own voices.  Meg Cabot cast a spell over hundreds of tween princess-wanna-bes, and the buzz from Clive Cussler’s tent was so electric, I felt it two tents away! Dana Stabenow and Azar Nafisi were thrilling story tellers – you could hang on their every word.  When you’re done, bring home an autographed copy of your favorite author’s latest book.

There’s something for everyone there, including Children  and Teens.  Adult genres include Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Thriller, History & Biography, Poetry & Prose.  Sadly, I will miss the Home & Family area, (where I heard Heloise and Arthur Frommer), not on the 2009 list.  (Maybe it will be back next year).  Hint: Go with a friend who reads different styles than you, so you can expose each other to the books and authors you like.

Planning notes:  Both times I was there, it was a beautiful day.  The event is outdoors, but in tents, so I’m not sure how it works out if it’s a very rainy day.  But the nearby Smithsonian museums are free too, so you can run inside for a bit, if it drizzles.  Also, seating is limited.  Many popular authors fill up to standing room only, so plan to get to those early.

If you have the time to get to Washington, I highly recommend this fantastic free event to booklovers of all ages.  A must.  And put it on the calendar for next year too!

~ posted by Marianne, Reference Services


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