Fall TV Shows Inspired by Books – Part I

tv reading bookIt isn’t a new concept to create TV shows based upon books. Showtime has done it with Dexter, HBO has Game of Thrones and True Blood, CBS has Under the Dome, and there are countless more. For the upcoming 2013 Fall TV show season there are plenty of new TV shows based upon books. The primetime networks; CBS, Fox, NBC, and ABC all have new series premiering within the fall or midseason. Two other popular networks; The CW and Lifetime also have new series based on books.

Today let’s look at CBS:

cbs eyeCBS has two new TV series they are working on based on books. The literary adaptation they’ve chosen for the fall season is Anatomy of Violence by Adrian Raines. Anatomy of Violence is a criminal drama starring talented actors like Amber TamberlynAnatomy of Violence (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), Brian Tee (The Wolverine), Skeet Ulrich (Jericho), and David Harewood (Blood Diamond). Author Adrian Raines is even a writer for the series. The show will follow an FBI investigator with expertise in sociopaths and his young female partner with whom he shares a traumatic past. Neither show has a release date but on Thursday September 12th, CBS will be airing a fall preview at 8:30pm. The library currently does own The Anatomy of Violence is available and is found on the 2nd floor in the new non-fiction section.

Next: The Fox Network

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The Man Booker Prize 2013

man booker prize 2013 logoThe longlist for the Man Booker Prize was announced on July 23, 2013.  The following books are on the longlist:

Tash Aw - Five Star Billionaire

NoViolet Bulawayo – We Need New Names

Eleanor Catton – The Luminaries

Jim Crace - Harvest

Eve Harris – The Marrying of Chani Kaufman

Richard House – The Kills

Jhumpa Lahiri – The Lowland

Alison MacLeod – Unexploded

Colum McCann - TransAtlantic

Charlotte Mendelson – Almost English

Ruth Ozeki – A Tale for the Time Being

Donal Ryan – The Spinning Heart

Colm Tóibín – The Testament of Mary

Syosset Public Library owns the following books from the list:  Five Star Billionaire, We Need New Names, Harvest, TransAtlantic, A Tale for the Time Being and The Testament of Mary.  As the books are published in the United States we will add them to our collection.  The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri will be published in this month.

and the winner isThe shortlist will be announced on September 10, 2013 and the winner will be announced on October 15, 2013.  For more information on the Man Booker Prize visit www.themanbookerprize.com.

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Read the Book…See the Movie

If your Book Club is looking for an activity to tie in with one of your discussions, why not try reading a book and then going out to see the movie adaptation?  Here are some films to be released in October that are based on books:

serenaSerena by Ron Rash Traveling to the mountains of 1929 North Carolina to forge a timber business with her new husband, Serena Pemberton champions her mastery of harsh natural and working conditions but turns murderous when she learns she cannot bear children. Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

hornsHorns by Joe Hill After his childhood sweetheart is brutally killed and suspicion falls on him, Ig Parrish goes on a drinking binge and wakes up with horns on his head, hate in his heart, and an incredible new power which he uses in the name of vengeance. Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple.

Great ExpectationsGreat Expectations by Charles Dickens  A young orphan, Pip, receives a fortune from a mysterious benefactor and travels to London in order to become a gentleman. Starring Helena Bonham Carter  and Ralph Fiennes.


As I Lay DyingAs I Lay Dying by William Faulkner  The story revolves around a grim yet darkly humorous pilgrimage, as Addie Bundren’s family sets out to fulfill her last wish: to be buried in her native Jefferson, Mississippi, far from the miserable backwater surroundings of her married life. Starring James Franco (also directing) and Danny McBride.

CarrieCarrie by Stephen King  An introverted girl with remarkable powers of telekinesis faces the horrors of teenage life and unleashes a few horrors of her own when she attends the high school prom. Starring Julianne Moore.

(All summaries from the publishers)

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Title Swap with Librarians

Please join us on

Tuesday, September 3rd at 1:30 PM

shutterstock_77718817 White cup of coffee and open book on white backgroundShare tea, coffee and cookies, as well as your favorite titles with the Readers’ Services staff of the Syosset Public Library.  Join librarians Jackie Ranaldo, Evelyn Hershkowitz, Ralph Guiteau and Lisa Jones for a fun hour of sharing the titles of our favorite books.

Looking for something particular?  Romance? Suspense?  Your next book club pick?  Ask the group … we promise you’ll leave with a great Fall reading list.  Not able to make the program?  No worries.  A list of the discussed titles will be left at each public service desk.  They will also be made available online on the Books and Reading section of our webpage.  We will be meeting on the 2nd floor right in front of our cozy fireplace.

fireplace and chairsWe look forward to seeing you there!

This program is free and no registration is required. 

Non-Syosset residents are welcome.

Can’t wait until then for a recommendation? Check out our past titles here: http://www.syossetlibrary.org/books/events-for-readers/title-swap

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New in DVD

The Great Gatsby

Drama PG-13

great gatsby 2013A would-be writer, Nick Carraway leaves the Midwest and comes to New York City in the spring of 1922, an era of loosening morals, glittering jazz, bootleg kings, and skyrocketing stocks. Chasing his own American dream, Nick lands next door to a mysterious, party-giving millionaire, Jay Gatsby. It is thus that Nick is drawn into the captivating world of the super rich, their illusions, loves, and deceits.

Kon Tiki

Foreign PG-13

kon tiki 2013Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl crossed the Pacific Ocean in a balsa wood raft in 1947, together with five men, to prove that South Americans back in pre-Columbian times could have crossed the sea to settle on Polynesian islands. After gathering financing for the trip with loans and donations, they set off on an epic 101-day-long journey across eight thousand kilometers, all while the world was watching.

Pain and Gain

Action R

pain and gainWhen an ambitious group of personal trainers go after the American dream, they get caught up in a criminal enterprise that goes horribly wrong. Now, living large will take everything they’ve got.

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The March on Washington

march-on-washingtonAugust 28, 1963 was a warm summer day. Hot, but not too humid.  It was the day that the civil rights organizers brought the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom to Washington, DC. People came by chartered bus, chartered trains and carpools. City officials expected maybe 100,000 participants but the final total was around a quarter of a million. The plan originally called for a focus on economic demands but the focus shifted.  The U.S. Congress was considering a bill for comprehensive civil rights barring segregation that JFK had put before Congress on June 11. The organizers wanted to press for equal rights and the end of discrimination in housing, jobs and schools.  The March was nonviolent and peaceful involving about a quarter of a million people (DC officials had expected about 100,000). It showed the interracial character of the movement. It helped transform the struggle from a southern to a national movement.

MLK speech DCBut what remains in our memory is the stirring speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. Standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, honoring  the man who had promulgated the Emancipation Proclamation 100 years earlier, King urged action in what has become known as  the “I Have a Dream” speech. The speech has been called one of the greatest in American history. It was witnessed not only by the crowds in DC but also by television audience nationwide.

march on washington mallIn his New York Times column James Reston (August 29, 1963) asserted that while the placards read “now”, these were merely the opening demands of the movement. It was King who moved the crowd with his repeated  cry of “I have a dream.” And “each time the dream was a promise of out of our ancient articles of faith: phrases from the Constitution, lines from the great anthem of the nation, guarantees from the Bill of Rights, all ending with a vision that they might one day all come true. ”

If this intrigues you, check out the display on our first floor remembering Martin Luther King Jr. and the struggle for Civil Rights.

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New in DVD


Foreign PG-13

A touching tale of a loving couple whose unbreakable bonds of marriage are tested by life’s greatest challenge.


epicComedy PG

The story of an ongoing battle deep in the forest between the forces of good and the forces of evil. When a teenage girl finds herself magically transported into this secret universe, she must band together with a ragtag team of fun and whimsical characters in order to save their world, and also ours.

Scary Movie 5

scary movie 5Comedy PG-13

A couple begins to experience some unusual activity after bringing their newborn son home from the hospital. With the help of home-surveillance cameras and a team of experts, they learn they’re being stalked by a nefarious demon.

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